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An exclusive resume(CV) which showcase your industrial experience through Monsta’s Channel.It enables us to recommend you to top industry partner’s across the nation.

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Gathering of Masters

An open invitation for any individuals who wants access to network with leaders from other campuses and learn from top industry guest.Every month, we will invite one industry guest to share on insights of the organisation!

Monsta Xperience

Monsta Xperience brings a group of selected individuals to various companies for a peek into the unique cultures of various organizations, hosted by the leader of the companies.

Industry Events

A period of practical experience in the industry relating to your field of study.The experience is valuable to you as means of allowing you to experience how your studies are applied in the "real world"

Career opportunities


Ready to change the world?The big guys are looking for extraordinary college
students and recent graduates with a passion for making a difference

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Access inter-campus activities in project engagement
to improve your soft skills, expand network and experience

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Never settle with just good, excellent is still one step away, be outstanding.
We happen to provide industry oppurtunities through a collaborative community across universities!

Monsta is established as a channel for students from various
universities to discover their passion by contributing your talent and ideas – turning your ideas into reality,
growing with experience, learning from the Big Boys (industry experts).
Ultimately, get spotted by your desired companies

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