I have been surrounded by an all-girls school environment since I was in standard 3. I achieved excellent results in my PT3 examination, before continuing my study in Islamic boarding school. During my 2 years there, I fulfilled my student’s life just like the others. I was not actively involved in co-curricular activities.

Transformation started once I pursued my diploma in Robotic Engineering. I was selected as the head assistant for the orientation week and conducted many activities. The vibrant energy began to spark. Day by day, I became more interested in exploring new knowledge, not only in my academics but also in community services.

Some of the memorable moments I could share throughout my 3-year diploma journey are volunteering to be the Speaker of the House in a debate competition among IPMA institutes, joining the Graduan Aspire Conference in KLCC for 2 years, and volunteering to be a facilitator in FYP ZullDesign programme. Besides, I participated as a student mentor in Teaching English for Free through the MYReaders Reading Programme for 5 months, was chosen as the President of Peers Club for 2 years, joined as committee members in the Archery Club and conducted the private archery training. Other than that, I was selected as student mentor for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Competition for Busan Mechanical Technical High School (BMTHS), and finally, I was appointed to be the representative of my institution for Team Selangor Ambassador. Alhamdulillah, I graduated with First Class Honours. I can truly say it really satisfies me because even though I am an engineering student, I managed to balance my academics and co-curricular activities.

The pandemic didn’t affect my goal to always aspire myself and inspire people. I got my first invitation to be a speaker in a live talk session together with professors and businessmen. It is the get-go for me to build up my confidence level as well as my personal branding. I am an individual who always says ‘YES’ in any chances given to me. From that precious moment Alhamdulillah, I have been invited to more than 8 live talk sessions and inspire more than 1,000 people in volunteering activities, making side income businesses, how to build personal branding, and LinkedIn sharing sessions.

Furthermore, I took part in engineering exhibitions such as MARVEX under IEM and METALTECH in June this year. This initiative will broaden my network to a higher level. Again, I was selected to represent my institution as a facilitator in MYCatalyz Youth Empowerment Programme organised by Team Selangor. It was participated by the university students and communities. I have successfully conducted 6 programmes with almost 200 participants. Alhamdulillah, all these things happened because He gave the opportunity for me to walk on this path.

This girl keeps pushing forward against the norms and is capable of inspiring people to become better. She already proves herself to the world who she is now. Remember this; opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you’ll miss them.