“Can I really do this? Almost thousands of people out there. What should I do? What should I say?” My inner self starts to doubt me.
“This is really tough. I do not know if I can really do it, sir,” I said to my teacher, Sir Loh Chee Hoo.

It was a great morning for everyone, but who knows if it will be a day that will completely transform me? I’m Mohammad Shahril Hashim, 21 years old and currently doing my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication (Broadcasting). Before this, I was a timid, shy, introverted kid who sought 1001 ways to run from a crowd or not engage with everyone. But there is a day that I always remembered until now, a day where I am being pushed out of my comfort zone.

Back in 2018, I was invited to the Teach For Malaysia National Conference to give a short presentation about a book project that I was working on with other students at the time. Never in my life would I imagine myself giving a short speech in front of thousands of people. My whole body was shaking and trembling before my session began.

“What if I accidentally said something wrong?”
“What if everyone is not interested in what I am going to share?”
“What if…” *You’re next, Mohammad Shahril! *

There is no other way other than to face it, I guess. No way to run too. I decided to face the reality, just go up on the stage, deliver what I need to, and go down the stage like nothing happened and hoping for the best. Minutes passed and everything went well until the end of the session, everyone clapped. Relieved, to be honest. I, did it? I DID IT!

Since then, I have grown much better. Thanks to my teacher that believed in me and pushed me real hard for me to hop out of my comfort zone. Since then, I have been participating in various extracurricular activities in the past few years to learn how to be better and engage students in
the school. Among them is participating in the Vinnie Chan Award by Frog Asia. I didn’t win the award, but I have successfully founded Rechange Education, a Non-Profit Organization with the vision to empower all students to excel as a lifelong learner by providing them with free educational based programs for the students to capable their self to be young leaders and enduring learners.

Until today, Rechange Education has successfully impacted almost hundreds of students nationwide and helped each of them to create their own story worth telling and beat the odds. They are now also transforming their community and creating ripples effect everywhere. My transformational story or what I so called as my life journey did not stop there. I believe that I still have a long journey ahead and I hope I can apply the knowledge that I learned and use it to improve myself. I believe that everyone is an agent of transformation


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