Monsta Asia

Hello! We Are Monsta!

Monsta is the largest student run collaborative community to gain experience, network and knowledge in Malaysia.

Never settle with JUST good, excellent is still one step away, BE OUTSTANDING.

Our way to be outstanding is to learn from bigger players, foster a collaborative mentality to make a remarkable experience during campus life.

We happen to provide industry opportunities through a collaborative community across universities!

Zhi Ee Chan

Founder of Monsta

2016 – Current: Started MONSTA,  a student run collaborative community to gain industry experience & opportunity.

2013 – 2016: Winner in Global Student Entrepreneur Award (Regional) Represent Malaysia to Washington DC in Global Entrepreneur Awards. (Global) Winner in Maxis Inspire Challenge

2011- 2015:  Involved in a youth events company, working with 60 colleges across Asia, organised up to 100 events and reaching out to 100,000  youths in within 4 years.

2010 : Hong Kong, 6th ASEAN FILM AWARDS Various corporate events & campaigns

Team of Monsta

Building a FUN,VIRAL, IMPACTFUL collaborative community
to gain industry experience & opportunity.



Meng Hao

Technology Team

Amelia Chew

Community Team

David Yap

Corporate Relations

Ace Chew

Project Team

Associates of Monsta

If we want to go fast, we go alone.
If we want to go far, we go together!



Vicqi Pan

Vibrant Interaction

Lai Thing Sheng

Book Of Lai

Hubert Ian Lee

Hey Hubert

Cayden Leong

Cayden Productions