Ladies and gentlemen, allow me introduce myself, Afiqah Abdul Sani. As a child, I was super shy and quiet. Let me share with you a sneak peak of what I’ve achieved so far and how I’ve transformed from a shy girl to a person who wants to inspire the people around me. During my university years, I was able to maintain my CGPA while juggling between studying via ‘Online Distance Learning’ and taking care of my family especially when they were tested positive for Covid19. Additionally, I was being selected to represent my faculty for the Final Year Project IEEE award/competition and placed third for a public speaking competition in my faculty. Upon completing my internship at the Malaysian Royal Customs, I challenged myself to join hackathon (Dell Hack2Hire) and currently is a Software Engineer at Dell. In addition to that, I am an active member of Dell ITDP. In August this year, I joined ITDP Penang trip where 40 selected ITDPs visit Dell Penang office and factory. I also assisted donation drive event for the Klang Ekliptik Children Centre for my team. In closing, I want to encourage everyone to step out of your comfort zone because you, too, can do a remarkable transformation. Remember, every day is another chance for you to improve yourself better.