Monsta FAQ

Who is Monsta?

We are a student run collaborative community that aims to gain experience, network & knowledge.

Monsta University Network?

Never settle with JUST good, excellent is still one step away, BE OUTSTANDING.
Our way to be outstanding is to learn from bigger players, foster a collaborative mentality to make a remarkable experience during campus life.
We happen to provide industry opportunities through a collaborative community across universities!

What's Gathering of Masters (GOM)?

It is an OPEN INVITATION for inspired individuals who wants to access to network with leaders from other campuses and learn from TOP INDUSTRY GUEST. Every month, we will invite ONE VIP GUEST to share on insights of their organisation!

This is also a private party-gathering-briefing to learn more about our community, goals, plans and how one can be part our collaborative movement.

What Do I Get Being A Part of Monsta Community Member?

As a Member, you are eligible to ONE YEAR ACCESS to ALL COLLABORATIVE INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE such as:

  1. Access to Chill Out with Masters (Monthly Mentorship & Learning session with the big boys & girls (CEO’s, Top Management and Top Personalities)
  2. Prior/ Backstage Access to Industry Activities (refer to upcoming activities above)
  3. Hands On Experience on project management  
  4. Funded resources and guidances to host exciting ideas in Campus
  5. Company Endorsement
  6. Internship & Career Recommendation

What is the DIFFERENCE between member & none member?

NON MEMBER can participate in activities hosted by Monsta Community, such as:

  • Gathering of Masters
  • In Campus Activities
  • Open Invitation to Industry Campaigns

MEMBER can have more personal participation with the team and the key leaders.(Refer to above benefits)

What is the member's commitment level?

Minimum commitment is the monthly Hangout Session(video or meet up) with the core team to keep yourself updated. Other than that, it depends on YOU.Always give yourself the best, if you decided to do it , DO IT with 100% COMMITMENT. If not then DON’T do it at ALL!

If I have a club on campus, how can my club work with Monsta?

We are open for collaboration with other clubs, provided that we are able to achieve a mutual agreement from both parties. Feel free to contact us via [email protected]

If I have participating in campus clubs, can I still participate?

Yes, of course. We are an independent organisation, you may participate individually to access all the above benefits.

I want to introduce Monsta to my friends, what should I do?

Invite your friends to join our monthly Gathering of Masters to experience it for themselves, or they may register directly through

How does Campus Chapter Works?

Campus Chapter will be activated when we have more than 20 members in each campuses. The members from the campus chapter will required to conduct yearly election to select the campus masters (President, Vice President, Marketing Leads,etc).
Members are given access to their campus database to track their campus chapter’s status (15% of each membership fees will be used as funds, kept to support their own chapter’s initiated activities)

How if I am graduating/ having internship soon by this year?

Yes, you can still participate. You still have the access to ALL entitlement as a Monsta Member.  This is when you will need it the MOST!

Refund Policy

There will be NO REFUNDS.You may cancel your Monsta subscription at any time but there will be no refunds.