I used to be afraid to speak in front of a lot of people, I don’t have confidence, I always think of what people might say about me, but I come across a phrase, “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living,” So I need to change.

I started to gain my confidence when I was chosen as one of the society members in my faculty. I saw issues arising among the students. When pandemic Covid-19 hit the world, everything needed to be shift to online, including education and students need to create video for their presentation, and I found that most of students have no idea how to create presentation videos. I suggest having an online workshop where we will teach the students how to make video using Microsoft PowerPoint and I will be teaching them since I have the knowledge and skill about it. Although I’m not confident, I need to give a try. Our first workshop was a success. I realized I gained some confidence after teaching in that workshop even though there are technical issues, and I was very nervous about it, but I did it. It is not easy to speak in front a lot of audience even though it is online. The nervous that I felt, is just the same as talking in front a lot of people.

Since then, I started to receive invitation to teach basic Microsoft PowerPoint and workshop on certain software such as video editing software and for poster editing, since I were a freelance graphic designer too. I also started to make several tutorial videos, since a lot of friends been asking me to teach them certain things like, “How do we insert different page numbers in Microsoft Word?”. I’m glad that I can teach some new tricks to my friends.

The following year, I was chosen to be the president of volunteering club in my university and during that time, I received a lot of invitation to share my experience and knowledge about volunteers with other students across Malaysia. Sometimes, I has also been invited to share with the students on how I managed my time for study, doing my freelance job and actively participated in a lot of co-curricular activities.

Later, I finally been able to overcome my lack of confidence issue and now, I can speak and share without feeling scared. I found that, I enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with others, and I’m glad that I can do something that can inspire people around me. By make a sharing with others, we are not only inspiring them, but somehow, we help them to increase and polish their skills.

I realized that, if I didn’t challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone at that time, I will not be who I am now. I never regret the small step that I took years ago, because it leads to a beautiful destination.