I was so passionate about wildlife in my childhood and wanted to learn more about them, their life cycle, behavior and diversity in natural habitats. Noticing my passion and enthusiasm towards wildlife, my dad often brought me wildlife encyclopedia books and DVDs of wildlife documentaries as high bandwidth internet wasn’t available in our country back then. I learnt how animals develop different and unique characteristics for adapting and surviving in different environments. When I finished watching and reading, I discovered a new fascinating world.
When I started middle school and started reading my biology book, so many questions arose in my mind like why are all organisms different? What provides the instructions needed for an organism to develop, survive and reproduce in different types of environment? How these huge amount of instructions are stored into a tiny cell? These questions may sound very ordinary but as a middle school student I was so curious to know the answers. I started looking for these answers in the books of school’s library, asked teachers and browsed internet. I was amazed to know the answers and discovered a new world of cellular and molecular biology. I learned how the genome of an organism stores informations and provides necessary instructions for all biochemical reactions required for development, survival and reproduction. I wanted to pursue research but never got any opportunity to work under mentorship of any experienced researcher. Days passed by. I tried emailing so many professors but did not got any opportunity for preparing a independent research project. After my 10th grade board exam, I with my friend Anas conducted a research study in an industrial microbiology lab located in Chattogram, where we showed the effect of Bacillus subtilis bacteria on pepper plant (Capsicum frutescens) growth, seed germination time and germination rate which showed more growth of plants in the bacterial presence with less germination time compared to normal plants in the control group. The results were quite significant and the research project achieved bronze medal in ‘Life Sciences’ Category at the International Science and Invention Fair 2020 for the first time from Bangladesh. I founded ‘Bacto Crop’, an award-winning Agri-Tech startup with an aim to accelerate sustainable agriculture using beneficial soil microbiome. Currently Bacto Crop is researching more microorganism based platforms for integrating more beneficial microorganisms in agro-products and introducing microbial eco-friendly agro-products in Bangladesh. I am currently working as a research intern at Red green research center in a research project to computationally identify potential inhibitor peptides for targeting SARS-COV-2 main protease and also working on a project for developing a cost-effective, biodegradable and antimicrobial N-95 mask from Banana Stem Fibers and Tea-leaves to create enhance biodegradable biomedical solutions. In the last 2 years, from winning international scientific competitions to founding an Agri-Tech startup, I learnt how to get out of comfort zone, how to network with amazing mentors and like-minded people, how to hold perseverance and keep believing on ownself while conducting research and how to build meaningful relationships.