Transformation is a process. Transformation is subjective. I think each of the world’s 7.753 billion people has a special transformational narrative to tell. Transformation, in my opinion, is the first step we take to mould ourselves now, regardless of the outcomes in the next 5 to 10 years. Everybody has goals, and in order to reach those goals, the first step must be taken right here.


Since the past till the present, they have called me Bai. I’d say I’m not the kind to be academically inclined, I was also twice kicked out of the hostel while I’m in college and frequently had the lowest grade in high school. 


The first step in my transformation was entering Kuala Selangor Vocational College. I chose to move to a vocational college by choosing the major I was interested in, which was Multimedia and Animation, by using the excuse that I didn’t want to take the SPM exam. It was not an easy course, to be honest, but my mindset of “as long as it’s not academic” let me successfully complete my 4 years of study there.


Throughout the years, I’ve also learned to present myself and get along with people. I chose to pursue a career in graphic design in 2017 and, Alhamdulillah, my decision to join vocational college provided chances that have allowed me to get to where I am today.


Opportunities to collaborate with big companies, have work featured in media like Bernama TV, Rakita, and Astro Gempak, as well as on billboard, television, radio, etc. All of this has been a fantastic achievement for me and indirectly boosted my confidence.


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