In recent months, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work at the Nicol David Organisation (NDO) alongside Datuk Nicol David and Ms Mariana De Reyes. As I work alongside these two marvellous superwomen, I started to realize my interest and potential in child psychology and development. This is my story of how I figured out what to do and what inspires me to live my life to the fullest.

Before working at NDO, I was steadfast in launching my career in corporate industrial settings where I could dabble in IO psychology as an IO consultant or a behavioural analyst. Albeit amazing career paths to pursue, they never really spoke to my integrity and interests. I have always envisioned myself to be one that contributes to the betterment of people. I always felt that I had the power to unleash exponential results for young potentials by equipping them with powerful personal empowerment skills. Therefore, throughout my time working in this internship as a Youth Educator Intern, I was beyond excited to finally start a different journey.

My transformation from switching my mindset of a corporate career path into a career that potentially changes young lives is something I am strongly holding onto. The work of a child psychologist ultimately is to diagnose and resolve emotional and behavioural problems in children. Being an intern at NDO thoroughly exposed me to first-hand experiences with the handling of various childlike emotions and behaviours. I went on to do more research about Malaysia’s accessibility to mental healthcare provided for children, and it allowed me to understand that a lot of these young children are getting little to no mental healthcare that they need for proper personal development.

Being in an Asian-oriented country, it is a stigma that most less fortunate families have yet to be exposed or educated to accept therapy or mental healthcare, as it is generally deemed unnecessary or undignified. Ultimately, I plan to work hard to change this stereotype. My transformation has given me the strength and resilience to create more accessible and affordable child mental healthcare for the children of Malaysia. My transformation has allowed me to use my current psychological resources to want to provide physical, cognitive and emotional developmental programmes to children of B40 and M40 families.

So.. how can my readers and viewers participate in this movement of mine? Here are some of the ideas I’ve thought about. Firstly, I’d like to gather like-minded individuals to start a social media page to increase awareness of the current state of Malaysia’s child psychology progression. Moving on, we can also invite community leaders to shed their light and host sessions about getting more attention towards this area of mental healthcare at online public meetings and forums. I could also start my research studies on improving the outreach toward B40 and M40 families in terms of mental healthcare and therapy for children.

In conclusion, I truly believe it is time for someone to lead this movement to improve the children’s mental health industry of Malaysia. I will strive to create a community that is willing to provide sources of security and support to as many deserving children as we can. Thank you for your time and good luck to the rest of the participants.