“I like to get my hands dirty,” said Marina Mahathir at the interview for MonStar Awards 2022

PSA: The Top 100 Young Talents are revealed in the article. Also, a brand-new special award recognition is introduced.

The application for the MonStar Awards 2022 was closed. The stories submitted – from “confessions of a dyslexic” and “becoming an eco-warrior”, to “the transformation from a quiet introvert to an active introvert” and” the story of newspapers” – are truly astounding and inspiring. 

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, our jury for MA2022, told us her motivation secret in a recent interview, “My main motivation [which allowed me to push through my worst times and succeed] is not to get bored… Work mustn’t need to feel like work; it can be enjoyable, interesting and something I care about.”

She also mentioned how she likes to involve herself as much as possible in her work with her team members, as quoted, “I like to get my hands dirty.”

The founder of Zafigo also advised the youth that life is all about “stop and start”, which allows all of us to stop, and reflect on what’s going wrong in life. We, ourselves, need to understand that we are not entirely the ones at fault.

“Everyone has a role in life they are meant for, but it’s not always clear. So, it might take time to find out.”

A new award is here – Maxis Xperience Award.

Believing the limitless potential of young talents and celebrating them, one of our industry partners, Maxis, told us that they will reward 3 more young talents whose stories innovate, inspire and influence the people and their communities under the award, “Maxis Xperience Award”. 

“Our goal is to continue supporting young Malaysian talent in building sustainable skillsets, so that they can stay ahead and relevant in this fast-changing tech-driven landscape.” said the Chief Human Resource Officer of Maxis, Natalia Navin (also our jury for MA2022).

In short, this year’s MonStar Awards will have 5 recognitions – Top 10 Young Talent Awards, Top 100 Young Talents Awards (which we announced below), Most Inspiring Award, Monsta Xperience Award and Maxis Xperience Award.

Top 100 Announcement

Our founder, Chan Zhi Ee, always encourages us with this quote in Monsta Asia, “They (successful talents) might not have the best grade in their studies, but they have the right mindset and attitude to shine.”

So, here we announce the Top 100 Young Talents, who have showcased the right mindset and attitude to shine in their own and other people’s lives.

Official announcement & poster made here @ www.instagram.com/gomonsta 

No Name Article of Transformational Story Country
1 Abinayasree Meyappan You Can Change The World Too! Malaysia
2 Adina Aminuddin Upgrade the version of yourself Malaysia
3 Aditya Negi The fall and the rise India
4 Adlina Hanisah binti Aidie Of Kindness and Grace Malaysia
5 Affiq Nur Afizan Bin Ariff Fadzil Bounce Back in Life with Holistic Transformation Malaysia
6 Afiqah Sani Change start when we decide Malaysia
7 ️Alicia Anne Patrick Living A Purposeful Life Malaysia
8 Alya Amani Acceptance as a Young Adult Malaysia
9 Amirul Aiman Bin Kamaruzzaman My Life Malaysia
10 Ammar Ihsan Nasution Humble Beginnings that Impact Transformational Change India
11 Annsley Dashwna Stephen No Pain, No Growth Malaysia
12 Arindam Das Better your best India
13 Arshada Nadia Abdullah A Girl Who Will Never Settle for Less Malaysia
14 Asyraf Zulkipli A Compassionate Worldview Brunei
15 Atman Jain Jeev Seva India
16 Azam Ghazali The Born of Multi-talents through The Education Empowerment Malaysia
18 Berlyanna Indah Yordhana binti Jefry Live Your Passion, Follow The Fire In You Brunei
19 Brily Najmussabah Green Movement for a Better Future India
20 Caroline Quah Caroline Quah’s Incremental Transformation Malaysia
21 Christine Choo YOUNG ACTIVE CITIZEN Malaysia
22 Debarjo Basubal Learning Rollercoaster India
23 Dina Khoirunnisa Start Creating An numerous impacts By Doing Small things India
24 Ehswarakali Sadasivam The Forgotten Unity Malaysia
25 Emili Nurhanisa Saharuddin Confessions of a Dyslexic Malaysia
26 Fariha Hussaini Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Malaysia
27 Fong Choon Huat Flipping the tables against life ONE STEP AT A TIME Malaysia
28 Gauri Agrawal SANKALP India
29 Guo Jing Toew Action speak louder than words Malaysia
30 ️Hendri Surya Widcaksana Sustainable Journey from the Scratch India
31 Ismawati Oktavia The Achievement of My Dream Comes from the Prayers of My Parents India
32 Israt Sharmin Keya Destination Unfolded Bangladesh
33 ️Janice Ng Yijan Redefine the endless possibilities as it starts from YOU Malaysia
34 Jia Xin Ko From a Kitten to a Tiger Malaysia
35 Jia Xuan Lee THE J-XPACE: Sustained Changes for Sustainable Transformation Malaysia
36 Joanne Yiu Let your comeback be greater than your setback Hong Kong
37 Joel Kulandai Veloo Changing the trajectory of teenage social bodies Malaysia
38 Joshua Salcedo Hope in a Wish Philippine
39 ️Julia Rosalyn Md Yazid Intersecting Our Transformation Stories Malaysia
40 Kashmeran Rajoo Local to International Malaysia
41 ️Ke Li Chin Simple Actions, Amplify Impacts Malaysia
42 Kelvin Ting Yi Hao It took me ten years to get out of my inferiority complex! Malaysia
43 Kelwin Chew The Extroverted Introvert: A Transformation Story Malaysia
44 Kenneth Yih Haur Chong My Maker Journey Malaysia
45 Kieran Shen Jie Lim YOU DESERVE BETTER Malaysia
46 Kirankumar Ronad “People can either Break You or Make You” India
47 Lashvini Velao Change is a MUST Malaysia
48 Mary Tong When life gave you lemons, don’t give a shit about them and be yourself Malaysia
49 Md Ahshanul Mahbub Labby The story of a Black and White Paper Bangladesh
50 Md. Moktar Hossen Change before you have to Bangladesh
51 Michelle John Maybe being childish is good! India
52 Michelle Wong A Sabahan’s Dream Malaysia
53 Min Ying Lim Last Minute Master Malaysia
54 Mohaimenul Solaiman (Nicholas) Failure to Fail_Lore Bangladesh
55 Mohamad Azirul Hanif Mohamad Sri Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional Malaysia
56 ️Mohammad Hazwan Nizam Life Stories of Mohammad Hazwan Nizam Brunei
57 Mohammad Putra Alrasy Bin Zookeply What is happiness Malaysia
58 Mohammad Shahril Hashim A journey of inner self reworking Malaysia
59 Muhammad Aiman Zulkifli To Change The World, Change Yourself Malaysia
60 Muhammad Baihaqi Mohd Ismail Hello, Good Bai Malaysia
61 Muhammad Shafiq Aiman Shahrul Nizam Nothing is Impossible Malaysia
62 Murshidul Alam Bhuiyan Team Bertho: The Storytelling Platform Creating Hope Bangladesh
63 NAIMI IMAN How I/It Started Malaysia
64 Natalie Chan Te Li My Transformational Story: When Dreams Come True Malaysia
65 Natalie Poh How an internship changed my life Malaysia
66 Niger Lim Stoic Your Way Through Malaysia
67 Nur Aina Azreen A journey of an ordinary to discover the oddinary Malaysia
68 Nur Syifaa Ramdani Dream Come True India
69 Ghea Aprilla Me and my journey as a barista  Indonesia
70 Oi Yee Thien The Silent Battles Malaysia
71 Philip Ting Stepping out of the Comfort Zone Malaysia
72 Ping Nee Lee We are worthy Malaysia
73 Poojaben Thakkar The Not-so-Traditional Journey with Saath India
75 Rabiatul Adawiyah Mohd Asly Have Faith and Work Towards Success Malaysia
76 ️Raju Ahmed In Peoples’s Awareness Bangladesh
77 Sadi Tamim I am working to change society without fear of death Bangladesh
78 Sahilah Ain Sathakathulla Mission: To Advocate a Safe Cyberspace For All Malaysia
79 Saitissyha Kunasekaran “The Little girl, with BIG DREAMS” Malaysia
80 Sajid Ur Rashid The Extra Mile with Academics Bangladesh
81 Sammi Chia “I can’t hear you. Can you speak louder?” Malaysia
82 Sandra Goh A story of little heart’s journey Malaysia
83 Shahad Abu Shaheen Who am I? Saudi Arabia
84 Shameera Nasreen Ahamed Noordeen BE THE CHANGE Malaysia
85 Sheldon Wong Adulting in Life Malaysia
86 Shrianshi Jain The Light India
87 Siti Syamim Nurfatihah A Battle Malaysia
88 Tahmina Akter Supti Peace begins with a smile Bangladesh
89 Talha Zubair From a curious and ambitious boy to Founder of the first microorganism based Agri-Tech startup of Bangladesh Bangladesh
90 Teoh Sing Jian An Open Letter to my Old Self Malaysia
91 Terrencce Yoong The year of transformation Malaysia
92 Tiong Alan Ka Wei Story of me Malaysia
93 Ungku Zafirah Abdulaziz A little maiden and her interactions Malaysia
94 Vagisha Khandelwal Fight against Cancer Malaysia
95 Wen Cheng Xiang “You have changed.” Malaysia
96 Wisely Koay Pushing Scientific Boundaries Malaysia
97 Yee Ying Kek How coaching squash to kids changed my life Malaysia
98 Yit Earn Liom My Music Journey as a University Student Malaysia
99 Yong Tong Yun My Vice President Journey in AIESEC Malaysia
100 Zoe Wong While I Still Breathe Malaysia

This is not the end of it. We will have a Finale Show on 26th November in Panggung DBKL that will announce all the awards LIVE.

Not only can you get to know all the awesome talents whose stories are inspiring and influential, but you will also get to meet ALL the juries in person. There are Chef Wan, Marina Mahathir and more! 

All the details are here. Follow us on Instagram (@gomonstasia) for the latest updates.