I know my story is just starting, probably at its very earliest stage, but I love the conservation of the environment because the environment is life. One of the most important things I have learned from my teacher is, “Volunteering is the only way that people will see your capacity and takes you to the next level. My enthusiasm started when I was in high school, where I volunteered for environmental activities like cleanups and tree plantings under the School. I also make sure to leave time for rest and studies because if I don’t factor this in, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It is not perfect but it works. I have met amazing people who have what it takes in terms of passions and even visions, but sometimes this is not enough. To enhance life expectancy for all the people even those who are marginalized in a state generally regarded as 3rd world. To have an immediate response, there is no alternative but civil society especially when governmental aid and allowance are provided in a time-consuming process. Sometimes, even it doesn’t reach the targeted people. Sometimes governmental aids are subject to a National Identity paper and required procedure. I have been serving the common people for 4 years. I know that the development of the country is not possible without a proper and consistent plan. keeping that in mind, I’m moving forward with some consistent goals. Notable among them are climate change, increase in education rate, social awareness, reduction in child mortality rate, health and nutrition, services for pregnant mothers, poverty alleviation, and all the works related to the development of the country. It has great significance for a country like Bangladesh where the majority of the population lives in rural areas. I am motivated by the present situation where everyone depends on the government but the accurate reality is that government alone can not go far. Health care and awareness of rural people are two of the most important factors for the growth of the Bangladeshi perspective. I stood in terms of the issue that we the young generation may do something of ourselves. During the obnoxious Corona Pandemic Panic all around, cry for oxygen at that very moment I’m planning to start free oxygen service in all areas of my birthplace. But then our fund was zero. So oxygen service in such an area was not possible at all. I started fund collection but initially, no one responded. I collected financial support from the general public to employees to buy an oxygen cylinder of our own. And I collected 3 oxygen cylinders and started the service. When someone is sick and calls us, I rushed there to support them till greater support arrived. Whatever I did and go through our organization, it seeded that supporting oxygen was most helpful for people. Right now, I have ten oxygen cylinders ready if any necessary arrives.