Hi I am Debarjo, an 18 year old boy with a lot of big dreams. In the long run I want to be a big media personality or an actor. I am originally from Siliguri, West Bengal but I would like to consider myself from Bangalore. Now you may ask why? When I was in my school till 10th standard I used to think I am the best there ever was be it at football or acting or debate etc. But when my mother fought her way and made sure that I get to learn about life more, know how harsh and wide the real world is, get that much needed scope and exposure in my chosen fields. When I came to Bangalore, I used to stay there alone and it not only taught me more about life but it teach me more about life, people, how far off I was from a lot of other people in terms of acting or football or the things I loved. It completely changed the my perspective about life. I used to study in Bishop Cotton Boys School, and I was there for more than 2 years, and the way I evolved as a human being, made me call and consider Bangalore my home. I mean I had an extreme knack towards acting and public speaking and I did work hard and I managed to get two distinction certificates from Bangalore School Of Speech and Drama which was a London based school. I also was the Humanities topper in my school with 92.25% which showed up in The Hindu newspaper website. I obviously participated in a lot of different plays, both on screen and theatres. I was also honoured to be chosen as the main anchor in most of the events, or I was always asked to give a speech in most opf the events, and I tried to make sure they are meaningful and funny. I also did a lot of MUNs and won the awards of best delegate, Outstanding delegate and Commendable delegate during my school life and now I am made the Modern Media Ambassador for MUN in my college. I also remember when I was in my 7 th standard, I had won the first prize in a national book review writing competition held by Flipkart and my book was “Journey to the centre of the Earth”. One realy impactful thing that I could do in my college life was when I did an internship with Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled in Bangalore. I used to record books for the specially abled children and it really humbled me. It made me understand life better. My voice was also used for the main voice for fairs for the specially abled in different cities like Mysore, Vijayapura, Hassan and Chitradurga. It felt good to know that my voice would be heard by thousands in different cities around Karnataka. I also performed a rap for the specially abled children on stage in Shukra Auditorium. Overall everything taught me one or the other thing in life and it only happened for the better.