Growing up, no, I am not always full of plans. I am also clueless at times, just like everybody else. But I know and am fully aware that I am determined and very strong and self-driven.

It happens when I am in the midst of finding my ‘ikigai’, juggling between academics and extracurricular activities, I found myself falling in love with volunteerism and advocacy. Falling in love so hard that I have been in this field for 9 years now.

This fierce passion, and the strong drive to empower the community just motivate me more to stay in this field. Working on multiple projects locally and internationally, alongside NGOs has been ever so fulfilling to me. This is especially when it sparks smiles and happiness from our beneficiaries. Nothing beats this feeling!

Actively chasing after your passion, and following your fire means that there will always be challenges along the way. You may be misunderstood, or dismissed entirely. But your passion is your passion. Your love for your passion is valid. And that is a total periodt.

No matter how many negative narratives are thrown at you as you engage with your passion, if it makes you happy, fulfilled and satisfied – keep doing it. Nothing else matters.

We create our own transformative journey. We own our pathways. We are change-makers in our own ways!

Always, live your passion. Follow the fire in you!