Last 21st August 2022, a well-known Dr lost near RM 13k worth of money in her CIMB bank account and she never received an OTP. What is mortifying is that the incident occurred at 2.00 a.m. in the morning! Do you know what is worse? Even though report has been lodged in, you cannot retrieve the money back!

Back in my degree years, I studied on the efficiency of Act 709 in eradicating cybercrime. I found out is that there is a large gap in cybercrime victims’ management that tipped off the balance in cyberspace. If you think you can solve near two thousand and more surging cases, you can achieve that – in your dreams. FYI, in Malaysia we have only three academician who has expertise in cyber law – 2 in MSU, 1 in UiTM. Cybercriminologists? No. Cybervictimology? Nihil ad rem. Heck, there is no academic nor sub-academic department focused in cybercriminology and cybervictimology!

The Time Is Now for A Holistic Cyberspace.

On 2022’s Selangor Women Conference based in Shah Alam; I have suggested on Cyberspace Safety & Health Administration (CSSHA) policy. The main objective of this policy devised is to ensure that everyone is safe in the cyberspace. Cyber Space Safety & Health Administration (CSSHA) Policy has three parts: cyber data security, cyber enforcement, and intervention alongside with digital empowerment.

The policy must be gazette to keep cyberspace safe from harming people. Nonetheless the state government have expressed their interest in this matter, they do not wish to table a policy. So how can we combat more than two thousand cases every day and surging alarmingly every year, but we are lacking talent acquisition?

It is my way, or the highway

Even if the government not going to listen when the cases kept on spiking, I shall provide my services to all – old or young. I have busted 300+ Nigerian yahoo boys this year, noting down every name and their bank accounts used to keep other safe. Every day I went down the streets, meeting anyone and always gave them cyber-education for free. All the time I noted every single flaw in the cyber defense system, cause no system is safe, right?

I am Sahilah Ain Sathakathulla, & the time is now for a holistic cyberspace.