What is Student Key Opinion Leader?

We will be witnessing the birth of a group of student KOLs who will be pioneering together with key players from the industry during this prestigious awards night.

Student Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are usually defined as outstanding students that goes beyond ordinary to create impact through engagement online & offline.

The Discovery Journey


Nominate 100 Students KOLs from 10 Universities Across Malaysia.
[ONLINE] Due date: 15th October 2018

Top 50 to propose & present ONE admission challenges to assess entrepreneurial mindset, leadership, and creativity.
[ONLINE] Due Date: 15 - 22 October 2018

Top 10 will be selected by our top personalities judges. Announcement will be made during Monstar Awards Ceremony.
[ONLINE] Due Date: 30 October 2018

MonSTAR Awards Ceremony

[EVENT] 24 November 2018, Saturday (MaGIC, Cyberjaya), 5pm – 11pm

Our panel judge’s line-up includes

The Perks

How do you participate?

There are two stages to this award, the first stage we will be assessing based on your online and offline engagement with the crowd.


Top 50 Student KoLs will be asses through two main blocks: Online(40%) & Offline(60%)


1 Interaction (20%):  Visitor/Follower/ Subscriber on Social Media Platforms

2.Engagement (20%):  Likes/Comments/ Shares on Social Media Platforms


1.Action & ROI (40%): #event/activities organized in and outside of campus.

2.Work Professionalism(20%): Attitude and behaviour that is portrayed.


An admission challenge will be given to the Top 50 student KoLs to access their entrepreneurial mindset, leadership and creativity.
Students will be judged by the panel of judges based on:

1.Creativity (40%) : Copy writing and flow of video.

2.Authenticity (30%) : Distinctiveness and uniqueness that can be attribute to brand.

3.Talk-ability (30%): Is it enough to drive people to act-share-comment, even participate?

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