My family and i only 4 person. As brother i need to responsible for family financial and need. I am being my self in the covid-19 era. Many people get fired from their job. I realize as student we also need money for our survive later when graduate. That time i feel also need more money to earn for help my family that is work from home. My aunty ask me to join her business Mamasab dropship to earn side income. I have make my mind to join as the business as it will benefit for us. I feel fun and gain more experience as a dropship of mamasab. Hope one i will be like my aunty which is master in mamasab and she got alot of side income from this business. I As student at UiTM Shah alam take this opportunity to grow my networking through this dropship. I can make new friends in university with this business because it is free to join. At class i Will bring mamasab cookies to the class so my friend can taste it and buy as it like. At my faculty i join entrepreneur club and i sell my mamasab product there so my lecturer and friends can buy at the BizzCorner. As student i join a lot of program that the university provide so i can enhance my communication soft skill and my network . I manage to do some programs also with the students and orchid. I take the multimedia, treasurer, vice president in the entrepreneur club at my faculty . I take my free time as volunteer at UiTM Shah Alam for clean mud and house that affect with the flood at Terengganu and Kedah. At evening i will go brisk walk to enjoy my campus environment and watching sunset at the hill in UiTM. I have aunty near my campus so she will help me with foods and accommodation if needed. I also have part time as catering in MITEC. I join a lot of program by myself and from there I will find new friends. I feel not lonely when I join many program as it will fill my leisure time. I also need to reduce my activities to join program because I have to focus on my final year project as it individual project. This new semester I will be stay at  my aunty house because I do not get college offer from UiTM. My plan to continue to internship at USM, Penang. Which is my family home is so it will be easy to me to go to work. I will continue my studying to post graduate if I had chance, if not I will work first and continue studying in computer artificial intelligence. My job dream is to be astronaut. I would like to stay at college since it is near to me to go to activities and program. I would like to study abroad overseas but if not UiTM will be okay too. I hope my parent and family future will be bright and happy ending in life.