Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. Have you actually measured what you would have accomplished in 5 years, or is it just a prepared response to demonstrate how fantastic your future would be?

This question came to my mind four years ago. I pondered, and an idea strikes in. I wanted to challenge myself to become the person I wanted to be in five years. This is where it all began. Where my dreams turn into actions and slowly, becoming a reality.

My ambitions are lofty. I listed five goals, including achieving good grades in university, maintaining slim body physique, learning new skills, creating and publishing content, and finally growing my business. I divided each aim into a few short-term targets ranging from daily to weekly and monthly. I also created a self-development programme to help me stay on track with my objectives.

In 3 years, I studied well, trained hard, and kept on improving myself. Through active participation in my education and extracurricular activities, I have expanded my skills and network. I was chosen to be a Deloitte student ambassador, and also sponsored by my university to attend courses at prestigious universities to establish and enhance my capacity. I’ve also actively participated in intervarsity challenges to push myself to achieve new heights. During the lockdown, I was also able to shed 10kg of weight and maintain a lean, fit figure.

2022 marks the 4th year of my transformation. This year, my transformation went even bigger. While upgrading myself through various programs, an idea kicked in. I wanted to apply my knowledge to help my hometown, Sandakan which once gain its fame in the past but now many would say it is a ‘dying’ city due to the town’s poor growth caused by the pandemic. But I love this city. This town grew me up, and now I feel the urge to do something for it.

And hence I started promoting my hometown actively via my Facebook page. I developed Facebook posts and content about Sandakan to promote tourism in the city. I wanted this land to grow, and yet, be alive.

The impact was enormous as a result of consistent work. I never anticipated my posts to have such a high level of engagement, garnering 4.6k shares and reaching 300k people on the internet. Local businesses started to grow, and business owners started to reach out to me for help to promote their businesses. And many are traveling here.

This is my transformational story. From a shy girl to an outstanding lady who dares to share out her thoughts, and even — makes them come true. Throughout this journey, I’ve been grateful for the support of my family and friends, as well as those who have continually motivated and inspired me.

To all youngsters out there, if this question is posed to you, remember, to walk the talk! Action speaks louder than words, and I believe you will achieve your greatest glory once you run for them!