‘Change yourself before changing the world you wish to see’. When I first elected as Vice President, I was very lost as it was my first time a leading such a huge team and department. I am an action driven leader where I wish to complete everything within a short period of time. Any instruction given to me I will implement it and take action to ensure everything is on track. However, days don’t go well when suddenly two of my directors resign from their role. It was my darkest moment.

After that, two of our Clean Our Plate (COP) members also resigned and dismissed which put our COP into more tight situation. Troubles never rain but it pours. Our COP team including me we are working to the finger of our bones when our Learning Partners not yet secure , many Key Activities(KA) amendments needed and we haven’t reach our minimum goal of Malaysia Youth Volunteer approval. We are struggling and suffering , at one point , I bring the issues to my Executive Board (EB) team for discussion to close down this project. Fortunately, my EB team provide me different kind of support me just to help me and my COP team. I am glad to have my Organizing Committee President (OCP) elected for both COP and Environmental, Cleansing, Habilitation, Oasis (EECHO) with me as their direct leader. I am double roling and understood how a director is suffering to innovate KA, manage people issues and joining so many meetings. This is where I realised my action driven is not so applicable for all the time, depending on everyone capacity. From here, i learn how to be more people oriented and put myself in my director shoes before I make any decision.

I am grateful that my OCP Johanna and my OC member, Rafif still stay together with me. We are fighting almost one whole month with just three of us to make this project a success. We trying to deliver the best experience to our volunteers through different interesting touchpoints. Our team works relentlessly to secure many partners for our beach cleaning as this is our first time organising such a big events. We having the strongest bonding ever since the last two years I stay in AIESEC. It’s my honour to have them as my teammates, comrades when we go through all these hard times. We are willing and having trust on each other without any doubts

Last but not least, i want to express my gratitude to all MYVs as well. Thanks for being so supportive and proactive in the project also always tried their best to complete the tasks given on time. This project cannot be a success without all of you!