Growing up, I was a very talkative and outgoing girl. I could easily have conversations and was even categorized as an extroverted person. But through high school, something changed.

“Just keep quiet can ah, you’re so annoying”. That was the phrase often said to me in high school. A phrase that made me shut down and unable to voice out what I feel or my opinion on something. A phrase that plummeted my self-esteem. A phrase among the countless that can be harsh and hurting. But sadly, people couldn’t see the scars that words bring.

When I first joined university, I was a nervous freshman student. I had never been away from home for more than a week, and it was hard to adjust to the way people acted when they were around others. It was a culture shock, literally. One day, I remember reading a quote that said, “Don’t allow yourself to be defined by what others say, instead just be who you are”. A Bible verse close to my heart that says “Be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” also kept ringing in my mind.

Soon after, everything changed like a flip switch. A pumping energy in me that never fails to say – “You have a voice, use it wisely”. I started joining multiple events and leadership activities beginning with being my faculty student representative during my undergraduate degree. I played various high committee roles such as Program Director, Deputy Program Director, Secretary, and many more. I also used to become a program volunteer during the weekends to gain more exposure on the outside world and how things get done.

Upon completion of my degree, I then became a member of Parlimen Wanita Muda, Sidang Wanita Pulau Pinang 2021, Sidang Muda Pulau Pinang 2022, Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Wanita Dan Keluarga DUN Pantai Jerejak 22/23, one of the founding members and high committee of Sanitary Bank Malaysia NGO, and currently, I am part of a team that is working on a nation building project.

Looking back now, I can say at ease that I’m grateful for everyone I’ve crossed paths with and yet to cross paths with – including all those people that pushed me down because thanks to them, I’ve been able to prove that I’m exactly at the opposite place they expected me to be in. I’m soaring high and reaching the sky!

All praises to God alone (and of course my family and best circle of friends that never failed to motivate me).