Nothing is impossible. Most of the time, we always doubt ourselves if we are able to achieve something or not especially something that is far from reality. Do you know that everyone is gifted a very powerful superpower? The power of mindset. No matter how ridiculous is the thing that you want to achieve, everything is possible if you believe in yourself. Here is a story that I would like to share with all of you. Several years ago, I was someone who was not confident to speak publicly especially in English because I had a very bad pronunciation of English. I was scared that people might judge my English pronunciation. My friends also always made fun of my pronunciation which made my confidence worse. Honestly, I had a dream to be a leader who can speak English fluently like Obama. His speech was always clear and inspiring. I really wanted to be like him but considering my public speaking skills, I was far from the dream. One day, the thought of “Nothing is impossible” came into my mind and I believed that one day I will be able to speak like him or better than him. I kept practising to speak in English with my friends and asked them to correct my pronunciation if I mispronounce the words. After several months, there was a forum held in my university and they were looking for emcees. Without hesitation, I took up this opportunity to challenge myself even though I knew there will be a very big size of audience. Guess what? I was able to host the event successfully together with my partner and got a lot of compliments. Starting from there, I became more obsessed with public speaking opportunities. I was appointed as the President of Student Representative Council which allowed me to speak to a bigger audience especially in university events. After graduation, my journey continued in the corporate world. In my former company, I was given three opportunities to co-host Fujitsu Malaysia town halls and also co-host Fujitsu regional assembly which involved more than 5000 employees from 4 countries (Malaysia, India, China, Philippines). In conclusion, nothing is impossible. Keep believing in yourself and you will be surprised who will you be.