Start creating an numerous impacts by doing small things

Hello, I am Dina Khoirunnisa, an undergraduate chemical engineering student at nuclear tech Polithecnic in Indonesia. This is my last year in my college year and I will tell my story that I am proud to share. It is about being a language teacher since I was in high school. Being close to society is something that I have been familiar with almost my whole life. My parents always taught me that no matter what I do, at the end, I must go back to the society and give an impact even a little. So since I was in junior high school I joined islamic boarding school in Yogyakarta and did a lot of community dedication. I have been in Islamic boarding school for five more than six years since I was in junior high school and then senior high school and in my college years I am still there. There are some traditions that our teacher taught us to do, this is peer to peer tutoring.
My activity starts at three in the morning . First thing that we do is that We Recite quran for 30 to 60 minutes, and then do some homework, and study for school until two in the afternoon. After we finish our studies at school, we usually have language classes, they are English and Arabic . The teacher Who teaches us is an undergraduate university student. They will teach us conversation grammar and also writing . This class is conducted from Monday to Friday with one hour duration. Not only an undergraduate university student I also got selected to teach a ten and eleven year student. Besides learning English and Arabic from them I also teach this language to my juniors. In every class there will be two teachers and around thirty students. And now I have been Teaching English and Arabic language actively for about six years. Even though I have a packed schedule I always feel happy when I am teaching them. In a few years, knowing that they actually improve from having no basic understanding to someone who can do conversation in English makes me really grateful. The principal in our boarding school Todd asked that everything needs to do with her heart, happiness and healthiness. I realize if I do not do this sincerely, I would not enjoy it.
What inspires me to do this is that I believe that everyone can make an impact and we don’t have to be perfect to start doing that. It starts with me and you and all of us for a better future generations. We the youth must also take a step to help the left behind for better education, prosperity and future society. I Hope after finishing my undergraduate program that I will be able to share my knowledge with not only my child but also the society that I will live in the future. Because some of us are not as lucky as we are so it is our time to be meaningful to others.