Being nominated for the MonStar Awards have been a surprise, and the thought of needing to do a reel video on insta while having it public is quite nerve-wracking – to an extent.

Though, when i thought about how I’ve gone on to become what i currently am, it’s primarily due to the fact that since I can’t actually see what’s around me, i tend to not get bothered by the thoughts and stares of others, though doing a video for Monstar still shakes me up, maybe because i can sort of imagine the looks and comments that may follow after the video is posted, and to add on the fact that I’ve never do such things before – publicly at least.

And i came to terms with the fact that, as much as one worries about other people’s thoughts of them, other people are usually more worried about how they look/present themselves and would have less time bothering about how someone else’ looked relative to themselves.

Basically, its all (most of it anyways) in your head. So take that step and do it, cause what’s stopping yourself, imho, is you.