Murshidul Alam Bhuiyan is the founder and leader of Team Bertho, a Bangladeshi non-profit, youth led organization. Team Bertho is a global platform that gathers and publicizes stories from a diverse demographic of people, enterprising to provide essentials to a sustainable living all around the globe.

Through the works of Team Bertho, Murshidul aims to build a community of empathetic human beings who live, learn and share in order to make meaningful psycho-social and emotional contributions to themselves, and the society.

“Team Bertho” commenced its journey in 2016 with Mushidul, Redwanul, and Faiaz, three ninth graders. It has evolved into a bona fide organization of 53 members running distinctive operations, as well as numerous volunteers. These youths share a common incentive— to change the course of education towards a direction more close to life.

The projects of Team Bertho have been well-received all around the globe, earning cordial welcome and enthusiastic participation from more than 79 countries including the UK, Canada, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ecuador, India, Bhutan, Japan, Nepal, USA, Kenya, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Mexico etc.

Through the establishment of such a wide-reaching and successful foundation, Murshidul reveals his excellent leadership qualities, which has earned him many accolades. The noteworthy ones being— The Diana Award, The George H.W. Bush Points of Light Roll of Honor, fellowship at The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, and UNICEF Certificate of Merit for Rights Education.

Team Bertho’s largest project called ‘Human Heroes’ exhibits experiences from regular people around the globe, as well as allows them to share their learnings from life. The audio version of the life lesson exhibition “Life Tales” is broadcasted in Team Bertho’s audio station Berthodoler Caravan. Through these projects, Murshidul hopes to lend underprivileged people a platform to raise their voices.

Murshidul is conscious about the cause of the trans community, which is why he undertook another noteworthy project called “Project Unfurl.” Here, Team Bertho documented the untold stories and lessons from members of the transgender community of Bangladesh).

Consciousness of mental health is another issue Murshidul is set on establishing, especially amidst youths. This is reflected in Team Bertho’s live web-conferencing series, “Ichi-go Ichi-e”, which was rendered possible by the participation of speakers all over the world.

In order to further his community goal, Murshidul and Team Bertho physically conduct workshops using an eclectic mix of theatre, storytelling, creative writing, poetry, and many other forms of entertainment and art. Their efforts are aimed towards personal development, enhanced communication skills and public speaking, but mostly towards exploring one’s full potential.

Murshidul’s convictions are a mix of philanthropy, appreciation for arts, and the vision of a greater future. He hopes to undertake many more projects to advocate for mental health, reduce discrimination and inequalities, and create an education system that aids in cultivating wise and resourceful humans.

Murshidul has the attributes of a great leader and the mindset of an educator. He has accomplished a lot at a very young age, and hopes to continue alongside Team Bertho.