Terms & Condition

  1. Enable access of exclusive corporate events in collaboration with Monsta Asia and its affiliated partners.
  2. Establish networking opportunities for its members and its affiliated industrial partners which shall be subjected to availability and relevancy at the discretion of Monsta Asia
  3. Procure and provide its members with opportunities to collaborate and establish relations in organising activities and events relevant to its parent partner and industrial links.
  4. Enable proper execution of events where provided by Monsta Asia, with the assistance through financial and logistical resources where relevant and subject to availability.5. Members to Monsta Asia shall be given opportunities with regards to internship and career recommendations to their industry partners.
  5. Members with outstanding track record as observed by Monsta and its industry partner may be eligible for an official endorsement.
  6. Members shall provide a payment of MYR50 per annum for the purpose of maintaining their membership. 15% of all collected funds shall be given to each local chapter of Monsta in their respective institutions.
  7. All new applicants are eligible to receive an official Monsta Starter Kit during the official launch in June 2017. The contents of the kit shall be at the discretion of Monsta Asia.
  8. With regards to Clause 6, endorsement shall only be given to active members. Active members shall be members who have participated at least one activity for every month. The activities shall be events related to Monsta community initiative. The endorsement shall only be given at the end of the fiscal year.
  9. All members are eligible to be nominated to the Young Prestige Award by Monsta.
  10. Monsta Asia reserves the right to amend the terms where necessary without prior notice.