I’m Ismawati Oktavia. I was born on October 28, 2001. I was born in a middle-class family. My mother is a woman who only graduated from elementary school, while my father is a high school graduate who both work as entrepreneurs. Being the youngest child in this family is certainly a given. At the age of 6, I started studying in Kindergarten. A year later, I entered Elementary School. I really like studying, 6 years in Elementary School I always got a top 3 grade rank. I then continued my education at SMPN 1 Purwojati and almost every semester there, I got 1st place.


Seeing my potential, my parents were determined to send me to my favorite SMK in the city. At that time, the family’s economic condition was indeed unstable, but both my parents still enrolled me in a favorite vocational school in the hope that their children could develop and achieve their dreams there. SMK Telkom Purwokerto became the place where I studied. In the third year, my parents said that they could not afford to pay for my studies, so I inevitably had to work after graduating from SMK.


At that time, there was a job vacancy on the school wall magazine, without waiting long, I immediately applied. After going through various stages of recruitment, I was finally accepted. I was quite relieved because I had found a job before I graduated from school. On the other hand, in my small heart I still want to continue my studies. but I can’t be selfish, my parents haven’t been able to.


When graduation day came, I became one of the best graduates. So happy, I finally got scholarship offers in 3 campuses. In short, I took a scholarship offer at Telkom University Bandung. It never occurred to me that I came from a village with a family economic situation who was able to experience studying at the Best Private University in Indonesia which has quite expensive fees while I can study there for free.


I don’t want to waste this opportunity to also have an impact on the surrounding environment. Therefore, I actively participate in social activities outside campus by helping children to prevent stunting, by establishing a startup Baby Daily with my friends. We created an application for monitoring children’s growth and development as well as providing children’s needs so that parents do not experience difficulties in meeting their child’s nutrition.


My goal is finally achieved, can be useful for others. When I graduated from college, by establishing this Baby Daily business, I became an outstanding graduate in the field of entrepreneurship. Never thought. I, a child from the village can be at this point of course thanks to my great parents.


The lesson to be learned is not to be afraid to dream. No matter how high our dreams are, say it. because words are the easiest prayers to be answered by God.