Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is Jia Xuan. 21-year-old, just graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia. Welcome to J-XPACE. Please enjoy my story in this space or look at what I have done at my own pace.

I had been asking my friend, “Do I transform and be able to inspire?” A big yes from her is urging me to think through what I had done all these years. So, here is my story of transformation.

A normal girl in a big-big world. Looking back, this girl was with her poker, annoying face, looking so mean. Always prefer to do things individually, so fail in socializing or communicating. Even myself, I am NOT comfortable with how I behave, but I just can’t help.

Things change when I took my first step to express myself (To let people know what I am thinking), improve my language (So that language won’t be a boarder), accept the lending hands around me (Be kind to others too).

To express myself, I learn to do it casually with my friends and especially with my roommate during my matriculation year. To improve my language, especially English, I practised speaking with my friends, teachers and even with my brother at home. Through accepting the leading hands, the encouragement as well as the ‘penalization’ from the people around me, I can improve my attitudes, and altitudes, at the same time, be open-minded to accept diversity and embrace my individuality.

And YESSS, that’s all. Three super-common, casual steps for the start-up of my transformation.

Moving on to university in 2019, I enjoyed and continuously polished myself through school activities and university clubs and society. Starting from the bottom as a member of the clubs and activities, I saw my self-value and maximized my value to my team. In 2020, I hold up the position of the President of the Association of School of Housing, Building and Planning (my faculty), at the same time, as a Vice President of USM Bridge and Chess Club. This is when I was opened up to being a leader, thinking as a leader, acting as a leader and most importantly, being responsible to my team.

Accomplishing the leaders’ duties in the academic year, in my third year (final) year of study, I tried to explore more activities, associations and groups outside of my university. Preparing myself for the industry, I am learning from the base again, playing my role as both team player and team leader.

Today, I am able to mingle well with peers, seniors, and juniors. I could now perform better, no matter whether working alone or having a big team together. Concluding my journey all this while, I agreed that “transformation is a sustained change, and it is achieved through practice”.

The transformation makes me more flexible! And it is a truth that we are all potential, important, special, inspiring individuals. The transformation tells me sometimes it’s not


but why not We-Us-Ours!

Let’s transform and be a better US!