Newspaper Olympiad is a flagship event of NNO that testifies the insights and bits of knowledge from daily newspapers for participants irrespective of age. The most amazing part is that the grandparents and grandchildren sit together for the exam, though the questions differ irrespective of the participant categories. Newspaper Olympiad strongly believe and promote the idea of regular checking of black and white newspaper to connect people with emotion and information simultaneously. Starting the journey with only 72 people, in a remote area of Rangpur, Bangladesh, today the community is built up nationwide with more than 3000 team members. In every area of Bangladesh, the people associated with the program can be found. Currently Newspaper Olympiad is the largest media festival of Bangladesh. Goals: NNO wants to make a community where people will learn positivity through media and wants be the largest media learning platforms. Our goal is to teach journalism and media ethics to millions of students daily. Activities: Newspaper Olympiad is a yearlong campaign and event that is organized by a panel of the NNO. From students of standard three to up to participants of any age can participate in this event. Besides the yearly Olympiad, this concern of the NNO works in arranging different kinds of seminars and training, where media skills get more priority. We believe that if the students are trained properly from the very beginning of their student life, then they will never suffer from the unemployment problem of our country that most of the graduates suffer from. With the vision of creating a new horizon in newspaper reading national newspaper Olympiad started off. On October 16th of 2018, NNO came public with its greater motive to keep an effective impact. Amidst the Pandemic situation NNO continued its activities As the recognition, we were one of the most unique ideas of Ashoka Young Change Makers 2021. Our initiative is also well applauded by the Open Society University Network (OSUN). Currently, we are working in 23 countries with our foresight of making NNO a global platform. We have successfully conducted two seasons of NNO, and the response was massive. We are planning to launch season 3 by the year-end. NNO has shown a remarkable payoff in reviving the Newspaper reading habit. It’s the only platform where people participate irrespective of any steadfast rule or qualifications. Last but not the least, it has also grown as a learning platform where our members get trained on different skills, especially media skills and basic skills which make them extraordinary from others.