Since 2018, the MonStar Awards was organised by Monsta Asia and aims to build and discover new and brilliant talents from the next generation in Asia. The award has discovered and recognised more than 1,500 amazing young talents from across Asia, whose work, story, or talent(s) influence, innovate and inspire others and their community.

This year, the highlight of the night was the inaugural live theatrical performance titled “The __ Life of Jane(s)”. A group of young and passionate talents were brought together in making the idea into reality.

The story centred on Jane, an idealistic 20-something, who undergoes a major failure in her life that caused her to explore the different dimensions in her journey to make her life more meaningful and purposeful.

Additionally, the awards night continues with the announcement of The Top 10 Young Talents. They were chosen among the 900 nominees from 26 communities and campus partners from 7 countries and handpicked by a panel of judges from various industries; 

  • Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir (Malaysian socio-political activist & writer), 
  • Natalia Navin (Chief Human Resource Officer of Maxis), 
  • Tan Sri Jemilah Mahmood (Humanitarian, Sustainability & Planetary Health Advocate), 
  • Chef Wan (Malaysian celebrity chef and entrepreneur), and 
  • Hassan Salahuddin (Head of Creator Partnership of Meta Malaysia & Pakistan).

Once again, we congratulate those who win this year’s awards.

Now, here’s the full list of the winners for the MonStar Awards 2022:

MonStar Awards 2022 Top 10 Young Talents



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The Top 10 Young Talents Awards are awarded to those who have demonstrated his/her transformation story that is inspiring, innovative and has influence, according to the judging criteria below:

– 40% Innovate: Showcase problem solving skills through creativity and critical thinking.

– 30% Inspire: Strong desire and actions taken to achieve their goal in life.

– 30% Influence: Ability to communicate effectively and create impactful content.

Here’s the full list of the Top 10: 

Name Story
1. Murshidul Alam Bhuiyan ( Bangladesh ) Team Bertho : The Storytelling Platform Creating Hope
2. Mohammad Shahril Hashim ( Malaysia ) A journey of inner self reworking
3. Abinayasree a/p Meyappan ( Malaysia ) You Can Change The World Too!
4. Israt Sharmin Keya ( Bangladesh ) Destination Unfolded
5. Kirankumar Ronad ( India ) People can either Break You or Make You
6. Muhammad Baihaqi Mohd Ismail ( Malaysia ) Hello, Good Bai
7. Talha Zubair ( Bangladesh ) From a curious and ambitious boy to Founder of the first microorganism based Agri-Tech startup of Bangladesh
8. Shameera Nasreen Ahamed Noordeen ( Malaysia ) Be The Change
9. Alicia Anne Patrick ( Malaysia ) Living A Purposeful Life
10. Christine Choo ( Malaysia ) YOUNG ACTIVE CITIZEN


The winners brought home: 

  • Trophies;
  • Certificates of recognition from panel juries;
  • Featured in the MonStar Awards; and
  • Featured in the Asia Young Talent Awards’ Wall of Fame 

in supporting their future growth in their personal professional advancement. 

Maxis Xperience Awards



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Maxis Xperience Award is awarded to those who have demonstrated his/her transformation story that is inspiring, innovative and has influence.

In line with the Maxis Way 2.0 Culture Values

  • What We Deliver: Simple experiences, delightful moments and down to the details
  • How We Behave: Be amazing, find new ways, be restless
  • Why We’re Unique: I don’t know how (yet) but I commit, breakdowns fuel my breakthroughs, it’s not my job but I am responsible 

These Top 3 Maxis Xperience Awards is a special inspiration award that is recognised by the industry players:

Name Story
1. Kirankumar Ronad (India) People can either Break You or

Make You

2. Natalie Chan Te Li  ( Malaysia ) My Transformational Story: When Dreams Come True
3. Sheldon Wong ( Malaysia ) Adulting in Life


The winners brought home:

  • Trophy; 
  • Certificates of recognition by Maxis; and 
  • Sony Headphone

Monsta Xperience Award



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In line with our passion for celebrating and inspiring growth, Monsta has recognised 3 outstanding young talents who participated in the Monsta Growth Program and were involved in MonStar Awards 2022!

They are: 

  1. Claire Pan Wai Ling 
  2. Nurin Miza Afiqah binti Andrie Dazlee 
  3. Tan Vee Keat 

Having dedicated and contributed their efforts to our organisation, Monsta is truly proud of them! They continue to strive for achievement and shine like a diamond. 

The winners brought home: 

  • Trophy; and
  • Certificates of recognition by Monsta; 

to lead future leaders.

Most Inspiring Award



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The Most Inspiring Award is selected through poll voting during the Finale Show on 26th November 2022. And the winner is: 

Name Story
1. Annsley Dashawna Stephen ( Malaysia ) No Pain, No Growth


She brought home: 

  • A participation certification; 
  • Trophy; and 
  • RM10K worth of AirAsia Academy Digital Certificate Program.

It’s a wrap! 

Chan Zhi Ee, Founder and CEO of Monsta Asia said, 

The role of youths in nation-building is more important than you might think and Monsta Asia is proud to be a part of their journey by giving them a safe space to amplify their voices and their plans for the future.”

The Asia Biggest Young Talent Awards, MonStar Awards, has inspired, influenced and innovated thousands of talents in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and more since 2018.

This year, in conjunction with the theme of “Transformation”, we have our first-ever LIVE theatrical show “The _ Life of Jane(s)” at Panggung DBKL, the historical theatre hall, to celebrate the talented youth’s transformational stories and present to you a journey to unfold, unmask and uncover your true self.

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