To unleash the best potential of every individual to inspire growth, since 2016, Monsta Asia has inspired 30,000+ talents, created 390 opportunities and collaborated with 150 growth partners, including Maxis, Zafigo, TnG, Media Prima, HP, Innergia Labs and more.

So, to many young talents, this logo is undoubtedly familiar to them:

Our Monsta Asia’s Company Logo

We have told the story about how our founder came up with this company name and what movie inspired the whole idea of this cute logo.

But, not many know that this little orange “Monster” actually has a name of its own.

Her name is ‘Jane’.

And every single week, she shares inspirational stories, the latest industry insights, and sometimes pure funny ‘growth’ jokes with talents who join our email lists.

If you haven’t, you can join here to see Jane’s quirkiness ‘in action’ and get all news related to personal and professional growth to discover your unique talent. 

The Untold Truth of Jane’s Name

But why Jane?

Not Alicia? Not Betty? Not Cecilia?

So, we asked this question to the creator of this name, aka our CEO, Chan Zhi Ee, and she told us the childish truth about Jane’s name.

“When I was young, like in kindergarten, I learned English from reading this book called, ‘Jane and Peter’. I’m not sure whether you guys have heard of it or not… but most likely no, huh? AH, this shows how much age gap we have!!!! Ugh…”

Then, Zhi Ee pulled out this children’s book from Google and showed it to the team.

And honestly? Most of the team members have NEVER heard of it.

After some digging, we found out that the book is a brilliant series for teaching children how to read. 

According to this book’s review, children who are just learning to read love them and the beautiful illustrations accompanying the text. Also, it is excellent for children to read books that are just about everyday life and things they can relate to.

The series is also often referred to as Peter and Jane, the names of the main characters.

And, with the idea of adopting a gender-neutral name, Zhi Ee decided to use Jane, instead of Peter for the “Monster’s” name. But, she put ‘Peter’ as the surname so at least she paid tribute to both of the main characters in this children’s book that helped her to learn English.

So, here’s the childish truth of Jane’s name, literally from a children’s book.

The Reveal of Jane on Broadway setting

Since 2018, MonStar Awards, the annual flagship event of Monsta Asia, has been acclaimed as the Asia Young Talent Awards that discovers and recognises young talents who inspire, innovate and influence. 

With this year’s award theme – Transformational, the Finale Show will help to gather all the young future changemakers to show everyone the youth’s fearless spirits and driven passions on how they transform the Earth into a better place.

This year will be different as the MA2022 Finale Show will take place at the most historical theatre hall – Panggung DBKL, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A live theatrical performance will be transcended and transformed in front of your eyes in this historical hall.

“The __ Life of Jane” will lure the audience into a different reality and speak the hidden truth close to everyone’s heart. 

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This is a story about Jane, an idealistic 20-something, who undergoes a MAJOR failure in her life, causing her to explore different DIMENSIONS in her journey to make the most of her current reality…

It’s not every day that you get to witness a live art show presented in front of you.

What’s more, from the whole production, direction, and video filming to the drafting of the script, it’s all coming directly from a bunch of passionate young talents who want to show you that you can break free and live your dream.

Buy your tickets here before all the seats are taken.


Just like these top 100 talents who stand a chance to receive high recognition from respectable juries on the Finale show across Asia, your name (or whatever you’re called) is not the most importable thing in life.  

Your story is the ONLY thing that speaks your truth. 

Show yourself and give everyone the chance to know your true self, not the one you are “fronting”.