Generation Z (Gen Z), born between 1997-2012, which are beginning to finish high school or college, will step into the adult world and land their first “adult job”. Growing up with technology almost at their fingertips, this generation might be the most outspoken and justice-centred out of all living generations. 

In the belief of unleashing the best potential of every individual to inspire growth, Monsta Asia has inspired more than thousands of young talents, especially Gen Z, to expose themselves to different kinds of industry experience

We have collaborated with 150 growth partners, like TnG, Media Prima, HP, Innergia Labs and more, to provide opportunities for young talents to learn, experience and network.

Monsta Asia also walks the talk by transforming our own workplaces into a playground for Gen Z to showcase their talents. More than 80% of our team is Gen Z. So, no cap

If you feel sus about this, let us show you 3 reasons why Monsta is the best place to work for Gen Z. 

#1 Our work is highly value-driven.

Gen Z is dealing with some of the worst environmental, social, and economic problems in history in addition to health issues associated with pandemics. But, this is a generation that isn’t afraid to speak up, address a problem, and demand change. 

They support companies that share their values as customers and base their decisions about which careers to pursue on these beliefs. 

Gen Z workers desire a meaningful work environment supporting their professional goals. According to the Lever survey, 42% of Gen Zers prefer to work for organisations that give them a sense of purpose over those that pay more.

In Monsta Asia, we are transforming the current education system by introducing a new way of discovering talents with a sustainable talent ecosystem on our platform. Through technology and community, we are bridging the gap between business needs and youth talents.

We are constantly adding new ideas and learnings into our workplaces because we listen, respect and understand each other’s opinions and values. As Tommy said, we welcome any “crazy” ideas because that’s how we grow bigger, better and stronger to put out the best talent platform. 

#2 Our work time and workplaces are flexible.

The majority of Gen Z employees desire the freedom to pursue personal and professional fulfilment on their own terms, making the 40-hour, 9-to-5 workday less enticing to them. The latest analysis at Wonolo revealed that many Gen Z’ers are favouring gig labour as a convenient option to pay off college loans while pursuing other business pursuits and personal hobbies. 

Gen Z is given the chance to develop both professionally and personally by allowing workers to work from other locations, remotely from a place they’ve always wanted to live.

According to the Deloitte report, flexibility and adaptability were cited as the employee qualities for the success of their company. The survey’s findings showed that more than 60% of Gen Z respondents indicated their employers have created policies to enable flexible working hours and personal and sick leave is encouraging.

In Monsta Asia, we have almost more than half of our team working remotely all around Malaysia. But, it does not stop our determination to create our best work. 

As Facebook CEO said, “People are more productive working from home than people would have expected. Some people thought that everything was just going to fall apart, and it hasn’t.”

Moreover, our whole team in Monsta lives by the principle of “result-over-process,” which means that as long as you get your work done, 9-5 working hours are abstract for us. Also, as Vincent mentioned, we occasionally have Treehouse sessions, where we just gather and chill either on a literal Treehouse or online, and share valuable insights with each other.

#3 We value your holistic well-being.

According to a survey from employee communications app Firstup, Gen Z is more concerned with work-life balance and personal wellbeing. It was shown that they search for perks like paid time off, mental health days, or community-building events. 

In the COVID-19 era, maintaining mental well-being has become the priority. Many firms have started providing free access to meditation applications and other perks to keep employees’ well-being “in shape”. 

These let workers deduct anything that helps them unwind, broaden their horizons, and blow off steam, up to a certain financial amount, such as painting materials, musical tickets, or once-in-a-lifetime overseas trips.

In Monsta Asia, we ensure at least 3 things are achieved for you – Gaining Knowledge, Going through new Experiences, and Meeting new Networks (KEN).

As Marcus said, the culture of a company is one of the important criteria to consider when applying for a job. Our company strongly goes by the culture of “young minds” – Run by Youth, For Youth – in which our team has a quarterly learning and networking session. Sometimes, we will even have some sports hangouts where we play badminton or squash to relax, rewind and recharge.  

Most importantly, our rapport and relationships in the team are beyond just working together. Great minds think alike, especially within the same generation. Hence, we will always bring out each other’s best (and sometimes, worst) side so that we can discuss fresh viewpoints and new standards for our personal and professional development. 

So, fam, are these 3 reasons enough for you to stan us? 

Or, do you have a better workplace that you absolutely enjoy, or dread? Share with us your current job experiences or what your dream job is like in the comment below.