Greetings dear reader,

If you are reading this, then I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart and I have something to share if that is okay with you?

You’re okay with it? Wonderful! Let’s get right to it!

Once upon a time, lived a little maiden who received a mission from an unknown kind person to tell her story to the public. It was so out of the blue; the little maiden is quite flustered and not-knowing on what to do. So, she reads the terms of the mission, and it says to tell the story from her heart.

Puzzled she became because there are so many stories to be told. When she got offered a special scholarship during her teen years due to her brother’s influence, her first pet named, Yato the hamster her sister bought for her, when her whole family go to a 4-weeks trip in the UK to celebrate her brother’s graduation, when she got into anime and created her first social-media account, facebook and meet-made international friends, got her first best friend in school, got her first pet cat named Hazel, being made an outcast, celebrating her sibling’s weddings and welcomed her nieces and nephews, experiencing loved-ones deaths, almost ending her own, experiencing hostel life after high-school, met her two unique friends she considers family, got into uni life unceremoniously and spent a whole year and a half online, got into societies, learn new things, experience new things, her success, her failures, fights, laughter, cherish, hate, love, forgiveness and the in-betweens has made the little maiden realize…

All of this is made possible due to God’s will and connections He permitted for the little maiden experience and feel.

and so the little maiden decided to tell that as her story to the public.

And so, she told this to the public,

“When one is able to go on a journey and interact many many people, one unknowingly or not becomes influenced and their vision of the world and beyond becomes broad and bright from that interaction. No matter if that interaction comes out fun or happy or bitter or hateful or sad or enlightening, interactions are important which needs to be cherished and grateful for. Because all always creating history and how does one make it if not connecting and interacting with the elements and people around it. Everyone has their specific purposes to fulfill but everyone cannot do it alone. Therefore, even if some interactions are forgetful or fleeting, they are interactions and they are worth it.

So always remind that those interactions have their purpose and meaning so be grateful and cherished it if possible.”

What do you think, dear reader? Too cringy? I get it, but still, knowing you’re read until this far maybe I can take it as some sort of an interaction? Maybe something big or transformational can come out if this? Who knows?

Thank you and hope we meet again outside of my story.