Marilyn Ferguson said transformation is a journey without a destination. I had always felt like I was born for something more that would unleash my exponential to bring change to the world.

I was a shy introvert throughout my freshmen year. I often find myself timid, quiet and reserved amongst my peers. Struggling to make or adapt to change. Then I came to the self-realisation that I need to challenge myself to leave my comfort zone and develop necessary skillsets to become a future-proof graduate.

This is not a story of success. It’s a story of hope for timid young adults like me who are never risk takers but still have dreams!
Taking opportunities, winning competitions, leading students and finally being a Taylor’s SHINE Platinum Award Recipient is beyond what this little heart expected.

With a strong beat, I started venturing into multiple opportunities, from being an Event Director at Taylor’s Business School Society, Vice President in Taylor’s Voilà Le French Club to other supporting roles in various clubs and societies.

My most memorable experience was when I joined online winter programs at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and Management Center Innsbruck. It gave me the opportunity to meet more than 50 amazing students from different countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Turkey, and Vietnam that have different perspectives on the issues discussed.

From there my heart grew braver, it found courage and rhythm in its beat. So I worked up courage to try a larger platform. I participated in various competitions such as the AstraZeneca Project iDEA 2022, Baker Hughes Bootcamp, Bloomberg Trading Challenge, and many more.

Competition is exciting, and everyone wants to win, myself no exception. The heart beats faster. Every time I compete, I learn not only about my opponents but surprisingly about myself. When I win, I learned about my strengths and how I respond to success (how did my heart truly feel for others and myself), and when I lose, I can learn about my composure and how I respond to failure (heal my heart and try again). Regardless of the result, I understand that analyzing my performance and where I should direct my focus was my key back onto the road.

A heart is only a heart when its home.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, people with limited financial resources found it tough to survive the lockdown as many became unemployed.
Dapur Kinrara is a soup kitchen established by volunteers from a community in Puchong. They offered 300 to 400 vegetarian meals for more than 200 families weekly. I chose Dapur Kinrara because it didn’t only provided food, but also provided life and love to homes. In a collaborative campaign, I raised RM 10,000 and exhibited leadership, cooperation, good communication, and social skills throughout my time here.

This is the journey of a little heart on a big adventure. The journey however is not end just as Marilyn Fergusan had said.