About Monsta Asia

“To unleash the best potential of every individual to inspire growth”

Our Mission

Building a sustainable talent ecosystem through technology & community

Our Founder Story

Chan Zhi Ee, our founder and CEO of Monsta Asia is born in Penang, Malaysia. Back in the day, she often found one single question asked by a lot of fresh graduates and even students who are still studying.

“What can I do in the future?”

They are lost. They are clueless about their future. They don’t know what to do in life.

This is when our founder realised there is a huge gap between the goal of our current education system and the needs of the business industry.

The problem is not because of the lack of talents. But, it’s the mismatch between youngsters’ talents and the business need.

Hence, she founded Monsta Asia in 2016 to connect young talents aged between 15 to 29 years old with exposure to different kinds of industry experiences.

Our CEO always says:

“Everyone has unique talents to be outstanding in their own ways given a safe space to

create & express.”

Our Impact

For the past years, we have inspired 30,000 talents, created 390 opportunities and collaborated with 150 growth partners, including TnG, Media Prima, HP, Innergia Labs and more. – make it into 3 columns to separate the stat and put logos below

Monsta Asia is here to transform the way we educate through knowledge, experience and network.

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