I was introvert and shy during primary and secondary education. I was afraid to communicate with people and had zero stage experience. My parents didn’t compliment me for my success. They believed that physical punishment is comparatively better than education of love. Thus, I grew up from beaten and scolding, which makes me insecure and unconfident.

Everything changes when I pursued my tertiary education in UniMAP. I am away from the influence of my parents. I started to question myself, who I want to be, and what am I interested in. I gave myself chances to stand in front of people. I built my confidence through hosting event, perform public speaking, live streaming and acting. I am underestimated by my friend and they questioned my ability on public speaking and live streaming. I didn’t fight back as I knew only the achievement and good results can proof them wrong.

3 years ago, when I participating UUM Chinese Public Speaking competition, I only qualified for the semifinals. I am not able to speak fluently and confidently in front of people. I learnt from the experience and improve my public speaking skills thereafter. When Feb 2020, I and my university Chinese debate team members had participated THE 17TH NATIONAL VARSITY CHINESE DEBATE COMPETITION. I am as a captain for my university Chinese debate team members.   At that time, I was the secretary of the UniMAP Chinese Debate Society.

During Movement Control Order period (MCO), I started live streaming and learned ways to become Key Opinion Leader (KOL)from the success leader. I had to forced myself to step out from the comfort zone, it is hard and torture when I started to do so. However, after months of continuing the live streaming and learning, I am doing better and enjoy the process.

Last year February, I came to know online host competition from a friend. They encouraged me to join the competition despite my hesitation and worried on the failure. I registered myself in the competition. This was the first time I joined online host competition. I had applied my livestreaming experience in this competition. On the same year October, I joined another competition title “Youthfluencer Challenge 2021”. I managed to get into finals. Whenever I doubted myself, I will consult the competition’s tutor. The tutor shared me his experience on competition and how they conquered the feeling of fear.

Quoted from my tutor, there is nothing to lose by trying to do it. It is better to do it once if you think thousands of times. Thinking is a problem, and doing it will give you the answer. Finally, I got 4th runner up in the competition and my friend told me that I am more confident and able to speak fluently in front of people now. I am grateful for everything happened in my life that shape me today. Currently I am an livestreamer and KOL.


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