This is my transformation story. For the past three months, I have been working as a youth educator in Nicol David Organisation. I went to this place, just like every other college student, seeking to fulfil the required industrial training programme as well as to pursue self-development. I never know that I would end up with a deep attachment to this place and the people around here. I never know that I would go through an unexpected journey of self-discovering.

I have always been a shy introvert with a closed-off personality. I often find it difficult when it comes to socialising and expressing my feelings. Nervous, anxious and awkward, the three stumbling blocks eventually drive me to stay in my comfort zone, taking an avoidance style when it comes to networking.

During the past three months, I had the opportunity to work as an assistant squash coach. I learned about squash and to teach squash to the children. I received a lot of positivity, happiness, and kindness from the children, and my colleagues. I met with new people and gained valuable friendships. Being able to witness the children’s progression throughout time has been fulfilling. With all the fulfilment, support and encouragement, I’m now more confident and open to trying out new things (that’s why I’m HERE). Even though I remain shy, I discover that I like to make meaningful connections with people.

Asides from my self-discovering, I have become more mindful throughout the day. I have learned to take time to feel, appreciate and value the little moments that happened during the past three months, be they happy or sad, I have learnt to take a more positive and proactive approach to deal with my difficult time. All the little moments that happened throughout the past three months have meant a lot to me. And now, I have managed to put the pieces together, knowing the things that happened and what I had done for the past three months, I’m confident to tell that I have now gained a more coherent sense of self.

In short, I have transformed into a more confident and mindful person. I’m willing to experience new things and looking forwards to making meaningful connections with people. Knowing ‘Who I am’ and ‘What I want’ are my first step, and I’m now heading to the next step. The story ends here, yet my journey remains.