2022 is almost over. The Wednesday Addams dance trend should die down by now, right? 

Bloody Mary, that’s HOT!

Anyway, it’s that time of the yearSelf-reflection

Old year out. New year in.

The truth is… 

We don’t need to wait until 1st January 2023 to kickstart our new habits, new routines, and new goals.

But, the harsh truth is human beings, like you and me, DO need a “new-year-vibe” to force ourselves to sit down, recall, reflect and review what we did this year.

Only then do we get to move forward with a better and newer us.

Why self-reflection?

It’s easy for us to get all excited about the new yeara new start.

You want to… 

… Be a brand new, spanking-cool you.

… Have a fresh start to achieve your long-awaited goal.

… Set up your mind to prepare for the unknown coming towards you.

But, what makes you think you won’t be back to become the 2022-You if you don’t do self-reflection?

It’s not that the 2022-You is not good.

But, without self-reflection, you wouldn’t find out both the positive and negative events that have moulded the person you are now.

You may learn what to do (or not do) to be successful in the future if you take the time to consider the possibilities and lessons from 2022.

Meow~ meowwww~ (translation: when the new year begins, I’ll start anew~)

Without self-reflection, you run the danger of repeating your mistakes or failing to see where you may make your life better if you don’t take into account the events of the year. 

Also, you risk missing out on the chance to recognise the achievements you’ve made in both your personal and professional lives over the year. Doing self-reflection serves as the perfect inspiration to continue working hard.

5 Questions for a Better 2023

But without any suggestions, simply recalling the year’s highlights would undoubtedly leave you with an incomplete picture of your year. 

So, here are 5 important questions you can ask yourself to help recall your past, review your present, and readjust your future.

Q1) What did you NOT expect to happen but happened this year?

What one thing about this year would you tell your late-2022 self that you wouldn’t have believed happened at the time? 

For Monsta, it would be creating a LIVE theatre performance


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Never in a million years would Monsta believe to involve in the art industry completely and knee-deep in the production, the casting, the performance, and the direction of a theatre show.

And we’re so glad that everything, including the theatre performance, was applauded and enjoyed by all the live audiences who came physically to Panggung DBKL on 26th November 2022.

So, what’s your “surprise” story in 2022?

Q2) What was your greatest achievement this year?

If You yourself don’t acknowledge your successes, who will?

Remember, if you don’t celebrate your own work, you’re subconsciously letting your own work flushing down into the toilet bowl.

Plus, taking pride in your successes will strengthen your self-esteem and sense of direction. 

For Monsta, it’s undoubtedly our MonStar Awards 2022


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This award is created to recognise the Top 10 Young Talents and other amazing talents through Xperience and Inspiring awards. 

This year, they were seen and awarded by our high-profile juries of MA2022 (Marina Mahathir, Chef Wan, and more!), Maxis, and Monsta.

So, what is your proudest moment in 2022, and how can you continue to make more achievements in the future year?

Q3) Did you do/try your best?

There must be times that you can recall instances where you gave your utmost effort and those where you fell short. 

Consider the obstacles that prevented you from putting all of your efforts into a task and what the results were. 

Behind the scene of the MonStar Awards 2022, the preparations were being set up through late-night meetings and endless discussions.


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There were times that we didn’t get enough participants; we didn’t get enough sponsors; we didn’t get enough cast and so on.

But, our founder always told us that without challenges, there won’t be growth. So, that’s where we pushed through and pushed forward.

So, what did you do when you tried your hardest but still failed? 

If you ask yourself this question, you would be more kindly to accept your failures because you KNOW you tried your best.

Q4) If you could rewind one year, what advice would you give yourself knowing what you know now?

Over the course of this year 2022, what wisdom and information have you acquired? 

Apply the advice you would provide to your former self today to assist yourself next year to be better.

And this is what our advice would be:


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Now, your turn.

Q5) What are you grateful for?

By reflecting on your blessings, you develop goals that align with your priorities and values for the future year.

Make a list of your blessings and you will obtain a greater knowledge of what matters to you. 

For Monsta, we are grateful for our relentless and reliable team.


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Our behind-the-scenes crews worked hard for this event and other Monsta events.

Every year since our inception in 2016, our team has never failed to make every event meaningful, fun and impactful. 

They always make sure that the participants from every event would bring home these 3 things: 

1 smile, 1 friend & 1 knowledge

And we’re also thankful for every talent who has been sticking around with Monsta for all these yearsYOU!

Now, back to you. What are you grateful for this year?

Bonus reflection

This is also the best time to tidy up your physical and virtual environment by doing the following things:

  1. Declutter your phone storage to free up more space
  2. Make a vision board and put it on your wall
  3. Clean your desk and your room


Go do it now! 

Don’t just read and leave!

Take out your notebook and start to reflect on yourself!