Beh is a passionate and loving youth activist on the environment protection activities and actively involved in most public awareness campaign for the past few years. As an avid scuba diver, he vows to ensure the sustainability of marine wildlife are well protected and break-free the ocean from marine debris as well as hoping more youth participation in environment conservation and protection effort. He was the appointed ADRECC Ocean Youth Ambassador representing Malaysia for their global ocean conservation movement and efforts. Due to his remarkable performance in environment conservation and protection efforts, he was awarded “ ASEAN Youth Eco Champion (AYECA) 2019 Junior Category and National Youth Award (State Level) 2019 from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Beh’s passion on the environment cleanliness and sustainability in relevance to the development of human rights, he co-founded and started up several community environment cleaning movement group known as the Trash Hero community in the region running weekly cleanup aims to empower the local community making changes leading by example. He is the current serving Honorary National Secretary of Pertubuhan Generasi Sampah Malaysia (GPSM). He has initiated number of cleanups and inspired mass number of volunteers to join him. As an human right activist in Amnesty International, he determine and fight against all odds ensuring the local community entitle the basic necessity needs of healthy and clean living environment to the people in his resident area. Beh has been initiating environmental programmes on conservation and preservation for the past few years. He has truly set the bar high as he continues to become a paragon, an eco-warrior who is worthy of emulation. Envisioning an eco-brick community, he also started to build a group of ecobrickers in educating the people in recycling and reusing plastic wastes. As he strive for equality and welfare of others, he is a responsible and enthusiastic student leader, sociable person, passionate and dedicated individual.