If there’s one thing I know, it’s that no matter how much someone says one should stop dreaming what they want to be in the future, they should never stop, never stop chasing what they want to be and who they want to be. Most importantly they should never give up on those dreams, because many people WILL try to bring you down.

I have been beatboxing for two whole years and I’d say I’m proud of where I am today. I started off with the basics of beatboxing, simple 4/4 beats no bass, and there was a point where I wanted to give up and one my closest friends had told me that it would’ve never been possible for me to become something in my life if I continued beatboxing.

Now I first got an interest in beatboxing when I came through a whole community of beatboxing, with a whole YouTube channel with over 500k subs when i first saw them. They have this discord server where all the beatboxers are considered community members, and after i was told I wasn’t able to make anything of myself, I joined the server just to see what it was about. And at that point, I was really affected by that sentence.

So when I joined one of their voice chats, I saw 10-20 beatboxers one by one listening to eachother’s skills, and when they told me to perform, I was reluctant to show them because of what people told me and I was really insecure. But eventually I tried, and as soon as I ended, they told me how good and clean I was. They said how good I can be and how much i could improve and how better I could get. They motivated me so much, and one of them even said “always pish your boundaries, never give up, never stop beatboxing”

I had never thanked anyone as much as I had thanked them. It was truly one of the most important and inspiring moments for me. Since then I have never stopped Beatboxing, since then I have never stopped music.

Since then, I have never and will never stop, chasing what I want to be.