Have you guys reached the lowest point of your life yet?

Before that, I am Affiq Nur Afizan bin Ariff Fadzil, a fresh graduate from USM.

My story began when I was dismissed from the student representative council in my boarding school due to my clumsiness and negligence. I admitted to it and to bounce back in life I need a holistic transformation that requires me to sacrifice lots of things.

From a naughty boy who always wants to sit at the back of the class, often labelled as rebellious, alhamdullilah I changed into a proactive and sociable student to the point I was appointed as the President of the student representative committee during my pre-university study in Kolej Matrikulasi Johor.

The word “revenge” just crossed my mind when my name was called. Since the word has a negative connotation to it, I believe by converting it to a positive action can change your life.

From that moment on, I was responsible for all the programmes inside out. Being a leader is not for the faint of heart. Just like Uncle Ben said, “With great power, there must also come great responsibility”.

I was able to join various programmes and meet wonderful people, like in (PEER ASSISTANCE LEARNING) program, Karnival Kokurikulum Matrikulasi (KAKOM), UTP benchmarking and KMJ cultural concert. I was deeply grateful to have a good and understandable support system, my beloved committee members.

The momentum continues when I further my study in USM. Although far from home, I was glad to have a tremendous circle of friends who feels like home. Alhamdulillah within a short period of time, I won first place in Debat Piala Naib Canselor 19/20, got Bronze in College Sports Week, became a media committee for IKMAR (Ikatan Mahasiswa Anak Johor) and was on the dean’s list. Being able to balance between academics and sports was not an easy task but given a supportive circle, I managed to do exactly that.

The journey to USM requires a lot of sacrifices for me and my family, especially being the youngest in my family. It was hard to convince my mother to allow me study 200 miles away from her. With that, I want to dedicate all of my achievements to my beloved mother and family because of their trust and support, I became the person I am now! Although not yet successful, I believe I am on the right track to become the son they can depend on.

Now I can call myself an alumnus of USM and I am about to start a new chapter of my life. With all the rollercoaster-like journeys that happened in my life, I became stronger and tougher. I know there are more to come, and I am all for it!

Realistically speaking, life is all about the ups and downs. What matters most is how you face it determines who you are. Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. And lastly, don’t promise, just prove!