There are a lot of people that could inspire somebody. That is another story, now I want to tell you about my transformation story that inspired my friends and also my beloved little brother. I do not have any big achievements in my life yet that could inspire many people. I am a degree student in Science Mathematics. When I was 17 years old, I always fail in additional mathematics. And of course, I hate mathematics at that time. When I further my study after matriculation, my little brother told me, that I inspired him just because of my mathematics subject. In matriculation, I woke up at 4 every morning just to study mathematics. This also inspired my friends. Wake up early in the morning and not everyone did that right? Most students love to sleep rather than study at 4 am. And finally, I achieved my target to get an A in maths. That was the first time I got the highest score. At that time, I start to believe in myself and that I can be a successful student. I told my little brother, that even if we fail any subject in the past time, that does not mean we will fail forever. Tidy up your table and start studying.

Now I am in degree, and a lot of things had changed. Online education is quite difficult. Having a problem with an internet connection and most students facing mental illness are common problems. But I can handle it. During my study degree from semester one until semester two, I did a part-time job which is a business that sells supplements and skincare. My friends always asked me how I manage my time. When do I need to study, do revision, attend classes and do business? The answer is simple, do a timetable. For me, a timetable is important so that I could avoid procrastinating and also de-stressing. This tip helped me and I shared it with all my friends, especially with my business partners.

Why do I do part-time business? Because I need money to help my parents, also I want to build my confidence in becoming a business leader. Yes, I am a business leader. I have five business partners under me. Before this, I have 8 people but they stop in halfway. My business partner told me that they want to be like me. Active, consistent in business, responsible, and at the same time I could manage my study. Nowadays, people need money, right? Sometimes many students are desperate to get money to pay their college bills. So doing online business is the best choice.

Being a degree student and at the same time doing business is not easy. There are many obstacles such as I have been criticized, cheated and many more. Since I do this business, I got my salary every month and use it to cover my expenses during my studies. That is how I start to transform my life that inspired others.