Everyone has tough experiences and defining events. Do these experiences make you a better person? Before, Lashvini was someone who was always in her circle and never wanted to experience the outside world because she was afraid of making mistakes. She is currently defining her life through countless adventures driven by mistakes that she hastransformed into learning opportunities. Some may consider it clichéd to state that mistakes should be used as learning experiences. But how many people have the courage to make mistakes in order to not only transform into a better personbut also to discover hidden talents?

I began making small changes by serving as a GRADUAN ambassador, for which I was chosen following an interview. Making corporate connections was a challenge as a GRADUAN ambassadors. I overcame barriers and got employer exposure by joining and winning competitions; as a result, more than three organisations interviewed me to hire me. Being a GRADUAN ambassador has impacted my life and the lives of people around me where I was given the opportunity to influence other students by coaching and advising them on their career choice and concerns. Aside from academics and extracurricular activities, I attempt to gain real-world business experience by becoming an Amway Business Owner. This has transformed me into someone who is a strong communicator by expressing myself in a professional manner. It gives me the confidence to improve my communication skills day by day.My biggest fear was rejection, which would prevent me from growing in this field. I realised that I had to overcome my limits to succeed in this unknown field. My monthly sales now reach over RM 1000, and I have a team of five people who are eager to expand their own businesses in Amway. This experience has encouraged my team members to outdo me, and my consumers to continue their purchase every monthfrom me. Since the goal of the products we sell is to improve people’s quality of life, I count it a personal triumph to have a hand in bringing about such a result. In addition to transforming me into a better person through outside activities, my educational pursuits have been crucial to my own growth and development on a psychological level. Juggling schoolwork with extracurricular commitments is difficult. Passing a test is nothing to brag about, but scoring well is. If so, why is that the case? This demonstrates that our education is focused on more than just passing a test; rather, it is preparing us for real-world situations. Despite having extracurricular involvement and the business, I have been on the dean’s list for several semesters. My friends respected me and aspired to be like me, which inspired me to keep going. I help and motivate students as a peer tutor too.

I would say that my transformation story is about how I have influenced the people around me to help them transform in a good way because “CHANGE IS A MUST.”


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