Today, most jobs require candidates who are qualified through education. Every society in the world has citizens of different economic sectors.

Those who are from poor economic backgrounds may not able to support education for their children and “so they sent them for labour to support their living” .

Little Penguins Literacy Consultancy was formed in 2014 and its situated in Kajang. Mrs. Vasantha Mahalingam and Mrs. RITA David is our Advisor till to date.

It was an earnest desire to help educate neglected an destitute children . It was saddened and. burdened by the plight of children who dropped out of school at an early age going on into drugs runner and gangsterism. It was a desire to begin a tution center.

These children comes from extremely poor backgrounds. Education is the only element that can bring them out from poverty and we motivate them despite what they go thru in life, they too deserve to have the best education. In the beginning we gain around 70 students and currently we have 80+ students.

Since then I have been monitoring and being tutor for secondary students for this center for the past 8 years. My desire is to teach multiracial children.

We have sent 4 children to the university majoring in Aviation, Occupation Safety and Health and Pharmacy

Our greatest desire and vision is to educate atleast 100 underpriviledge children of all races in our center. Till then my volunteerism spirit will flow openly to others and sustain on the track.