MonStar Awards started in 2018 with the mission to discover and recognise young talents whose their work, story, or talent(s) influence, innovate & inspire the people and their community.

We have impacted 1000+ talents around Asia, from Hong Kong to Indonesia, from Bangladesh to India, and from Brunei to our own local Malaysia.

This year, with the theme of “Transformation”, we asked the award applicants this question and asked them to answer it in the form of a transformational story:

“If you can make a choice now, how would you envision your life?”

And we have received 100+ submissions!

So, in conjunction with celebrating the Grand Finale of MonStar Awards 2022 to announce the Top 10 Asia Young Talents, we are making the first-ever LIVE theatrical show, “The _ Life of Jane(s)”.

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Supported by our Premium partner, Maxis, 7 corporate partners like Air Asia Academy and multiple campus partners, we are having a special night dedicated to celebrating YOU.

The Finale Show will be performed in the historical theatre hall, Panggung DBKL, on 26th November 2022.

Most importantly, the show will help to uncover, unfold and unmask your true self.

You’ll also have the chance to participate in Rapid Mingle, Wall of Fame, Red Carpet Interviews, Networking Lounge, and Awards Ceremony!

Let’s dive into what you’ll get to experience during the whole 4-hour night.

Hint: It’ll be unforgettable… and LIT! 🔥 

Programme Schedule

This should be what it looks like going down on that night:

Time Programme
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Guest Arrival + Networking Lounge (Food serves) 
7:30 pm – 8:00 pm Red Carpet Interview (Media + Juries)
8:00 pm – 8:15 pm Show Starts – Count down & house rules 
8:15 pm – 9:00 pm Show Start (Act 1)
9:00 pm – 9: 25 pm Voting > Intermission Break time 
9:25 pm – 9:35 pm Back to Hall 
9:35 pm – 10:00 pm Show Continues (Act 2 ) > Show ended 
10:00 pm – 10:15 pm Xperience Awards Announcement 
10:15 pm – 10:45 pm Top 10 Announcement + Jury On stage, Group Photo
10:45 pm – 11:00 pm BTS Closing > Networking Lounge (snack & drink serves)


As you know, this is what we expect it will happen on that night, but things are never going to turn out perfectly as we want

So, please note that there will be a possibility that each programme will run earlier/later than it shows here.

Activity 1: Rapid Mingle + Networking Lounge



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You’ll have the chance to interact with this year’s juries, past juries, industry experts, and alumni, including the Top 10, in Rapid Mingle and Networking Lounge.

They are regular people just like you, yet their stories and talks will blow your mind. You will have the opportunity to learn something new from them.

Food and drinks are provided. Grab a drink, and talk to successful people and people with similar interests all throughout Asia!

Don’t know how to network? We got you covered here: Networking 101

Activity 2: Wall of Fame + Red Carpet Interview



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Anyone who has placed in the Top 100 will have the chance to be recognised and featured on the Wall of Fame and will be given the opportunity to participate in the Red Carpet interview. 

You will get the chance to tell the media about your first experience on the Red Carpet or share with the world what you learned from MonStarAwards!

Activity 3: Awards Ceremony + Theatre Performance



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Anyone who has placed in the Top 100 or Top 10 will have the chance to receive the certificate and awards in the physical event. 

Everyone who comes to the finale show will experience a brand-new LIVE theatrical show “The _ Life of Jane(s)” — join the journey to uncover, unfold and unmask your true self!

First time hearing theatre show? Don’t know what exactly it is? Read this article to clear all your questions: Importance of Theatre: Art of Finding Yourself


The Asia Biggest Young Talent Awards, MonStar Awards, has inspired, influenced and innovated thousands of talents in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and more since 2018.

In 2022, in conjunction with the theme of “Transformation”, we have our first-ever LIVE theatrical show–The _ Life of Jane(s)–to celebrate the talented youth’s transformational stories and present to you a journey to unfold, unmask and uncover your true self.

There are 3 main activities on that night:

  1. Rapid Mingle + Networking Lounge
  2. Wall of Fame + Red Carpet Interview
  3. Awards Ceremony + Theatre Performance

Venue: Panggung DBKL 

Date: Nov 26, 7 pm – 11 pm

Interested? Buy your ticket here before it’s too late.

See you there!