While society fathoms away the withering forms of expectations and prerequisites, the mind entails a clenched grasp of desperation and voiceless screams for dreams in the brightest of days dressed in vibrance and the mind somehow remembers to forfeit into compliance” –

Haven’t you and I felt as such? Did we not ever hear that we will not make it? Being somewhat emotional and sentimental, I remember each and every time I have been cloaked with negativity. I remember the place, the time, the noises in the distant background and sometimes even how it smelt. Pretty emotional right? That’s how I was at least.

The world has labeled failure as the end of dreams but they never realized that failure is just a stepping stone made of contemplated insights that are driven towards a better second attempt.

Failure can be anything at all! The only element that varies is the context of magnitude. A bad grade can be a failure, and so can be a failed campaign. Yet, it can also be a closed business that makes endless efforts go in vain. However, in all circumstances, we’re molded to be – a better us for the future.

Failure is often a disregarded fragment of inclusive development. While we are more concerned with having a “legendary comeback story” we tend to forget that indeed, failure itself is a paved way toward growth. My passion lies in normalizing society with failure from a rather rational approach so that their failures revive the purpose of chasing an insightful success story.

Reverse School is where I channel my efforts for failure and turn them into lores of insight and understanding. Currently, I am working as the Content Team Lead for Reverse School, a platform where I craft: “fail-lore“.

Being affiliated with it for the past few years, I have been actively searching out for failure stories from individuals and organizations – primarily and secondarily – that others tend to idolize and turn them into fail-lore content. That way, it gets more interesting to relate failure and realize that “I’m not the only one.” If not, it at least creates a subconscious plane of not repeating the same mistakes all over again. I wish to continue this mission so as to ensure that the plethora of insight derived from failure never ceases to exist. 

I also write on differing themes from time to time so as to inspire or stir up a different perspective.

This insightful journey of secondary experience has caused me to evolve. I was never the type to accept the status quo. Why should I limit myself to a boundary set by collective strangers? This is how I transformed my desire for change by transposing failure.

Don’t ever let anyone challenge your capabilities. The world is losing leaders because we’re too afraid to innovate due to the possibility of landing on our backs with a fall. But the day we become defiant against psychological negativity, that’s when we will create breakthroughs for a better world.