When I first join the degree programme in Sunway, I was being more of the quiet person. This was not because of my character but because of the language and culture. As I was from a more mandarin centric background, entering to an environment at Sunway University which is more English-and international-centric was a culture shock to me. However,  I was determined to overcome this  challenge and therefore decided to join different clubs and societies to build my confidence and communication skills. After facing challenges and also constant pushes from my peers, I believe I managed to overcome the language barrier. I was even able to  run events as well as volunteering  as the workshop presenter, panel speaker and also emcee for events. Once, I am someone who needs to prepare a script before any presentation, memorise word by word, being very nervous before the event. Now, I am someone who can come up with impromptu speeches and being able to share my words smoothly. Even though I am not as fluent as English native speaker, I am confident in speaking English and not fear about being corrected by others as I believe it is also part of growth and improving. 

I am also proactive in learning and exploring new things and knowledge. Whenever I encounter any issues, I will seek help from experienced people. Through all these involvements, I was still able to strike a  balance between study, extra-curricular activities, and family. I am a flexible person where I can be both the team leader and team player. I will actively listen to the others’ opinion and suggestions. At the same time, I will share my idea during discussions to have a good outcome after the meeting. I am also eager to learn new things and meet new people as I believe that there is always new things for us to learn everyday. 

The biggest change in me was being able to saying “No” to people which relates to my procrastination issues. Oftentimes, when people seek help from me, I will accept their request even though I have a full plate of task. Ended up I do not have much time for my own exploration and development. In addition, I can be indecisive at times and not being able to make a quick decision. I would have to analyse the consequences of all choices and only make a better decision which might take up some time. However, I constantly review my achievements and shortcoming to make good progress and improvements stage by stage. As the president of Sunway Tech Club, there will be many people coming to me for help either from internal committees or external clubs. After few months of holding the position, I am able to provide useful suggestions instead of giving hands-on help to allow growth in both me and also the person.