I knew a girl whose been through a lot of things in her life. She is a person that strives for flawlessness. Her words never fail to motivate and inspire people around her. She is a brave lady that owns her weaknesses and never let her mental health problems drag her down. Instead, she embraces it as part of herself, actively seeking treatment and continues to strive. All this constantly working on the ANC awards. Her hard work, dedication, and desire to achieve all of her goals that is to inspire people around her to believe no matter how long you have been in misery, you are the only one who can turn a hopeless situation into the greatest moment of your life. Despite her busy schedule, she managed to establish her own small business, also actively participating herself in NGO activities in her small town. The proud girl is me.

Everyone is an unsung hero in their own story. Meet myself Rabiatul Adawiyah binti Mohd Asly, I joined UiTM Shah Alam as a Computer Science (Multimedia Computing) undergraduate. Being a person who came up good in someone’s story is not as easy as it looks. To create a good impression takes a lot of effort, and uncountable determination. To maintain my good character despite my battle with mental illness.

Being an average student is not easy at all, but everything is possible when you have a good mindset, will and desire. I start by changing my mindset, and put extra effort in my degree journey to get into the dean list award for every semester. I practice self-discipline, beginning by making a schedule to have an organised life. Initially it is difficult even for me to follow the schedule, but due to my big dream to achieve the ANC Award, I need to make it my habit. While working at my family’s business on the weekend, I started my own small business by selling cookies.

However, the world does not know that I was diagnosed with a mental health problem during my degree, I also lost my best friend in an accident. This was one of the lowest points in my life. I was in my own world for a while, but I remember that I have promised myself that I will never be my old self again. Special thanks to my circle of friends who never gave up on me, always supporting me throughout this journey.

You must start taking care of yourself, remember that struggle is the key to success but never compare your journey with other people. Start with a small change, by believing in yourself. Being a person who does not believe in herself is a big problem in achieving your dream. Nothing will ever work if you do not believe in yourself. Do not ever feel ashamed in seeking professional help if you are having mental health problems. Find a friend who will always be there for you because you matter.