If you want to look into these 5 high-profile juries’ lives before and after their 20s, and also their unique views about life expectations and reality, we’re having a contest that we’ll give away 2 tickets worth RM176 for you to hear their stories LIVE. More details are at the end of this article.

Here’s a simple question for you:

“Why do you really feel sad?”

“Why do you really feel angry?”

“Why do you really feel disappointed?”

Okay, there are 3 questions, not one. 

When you ponder these questions, your answer might be one of this, if not all: 

It’s because things go south, people wrong you, you think you are a failure or you think other people are failures.

Regardless of which answer you have, there’s one thing common with all of the answers:

You are expecting an outcome.

You expect things will go well.

You expect people will always treat you nice and sweet.

You expect you can always achieve the same thing you had achieved before. 

You expect everyone around you view, act or react just like you.

But the reality is: No one owes us anything. 

Expectation vs Reality

Oftentimes, people have an idea of what life should be. But that “life” is not based on reality. It’s based on their own imagination. 

We will feel angry, disappointed and even self-doubt because things do not turn out the way we expect. 

Either we start to blame outside factors for it or we will turn to ourselves and blame our incapacity to achieve something we always want.

Our expectation is like bubbles.

When we create those bubbles, it’s beautiful. The bubbles fly to the sky, and they are free to go anywhere, as if we can do anything in that colourful reflection of the world. 

But, just like expectations, bubbles can only exist for a short amount of time if without protection. As soon as you blow the bubbles out, and they are released to the real world, the bubbles will soon burst. You will face whatever reality, out of your expectation, coming upon you.

Balance between Expectation and Reality

One of the possible ways to turn your expectation into your reality is through your action. 

Everything in life is a transaction. You lose something then you gain something. 

For example, if you want to spend more time with your friends at university, then you will sacrifice your time to study. If you need to buy iPhone 14, you need to save a lot of money by not splurging or hanging out at cafes.

Like one of our juries, in exchange for her to become a Doctor Without Borders, she would need to stay far away from her loved ones to help the unfortunate. 

To make peace with our expectations, we first need to give. We need to show up, do our best, and commit to it.

Results are not guaranteed, but nothing in life is. 

Instead of putting our fingers elsewhere, understand that something is always out of our control. And the only thing we can control is the relationship we have with ourselves – to make our own reality through action. 

Here are some past articles that we found useful for you to start making those first steps:

Sometimes, or maybe most of the time, expectations will only exist in our heads without realising. It will never change into reality or be a reality. 

Only when we look deep and hard into our realities that we’ll see many opportunities pop up around us – if we know where to look.

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