To blog = to share, to connect, to create, to inspire.

Blogging is my passion. I like to share my knowledge (Arabic learning) through a blogging platform. In the beginning, it is just a simple blog that is updated weekly with few visitors. But after a few months the number of visitors rose significantly up to hundred thousands users monthly. I felt motivated since many people were inspired and received benefits from my small blog.

At that time, I learned that consistency is the key and patience is a virtue.

I believe utilizing technology is one of the ways to reach a wider audience. Due to this, I decided to leave my home country Indonesia and continued my studies at International Islamic University Malaysia and took Information Technology. Education in university improved my skills and leveraged my knowledge. I successfully transformed my simple blog into a professional website. Moreover, I developed a few apps by utilizing the content of my site. The app was downloaded [50,000 times] and managed to receive positive feedback from the users. These feedbacks motivated me and boosted my confidence.

From my humble beginning, I have reached my targeted milestone. In the new phase I built my credibility to achieve higher target. I started my internship as a web developer intern and was hired by the company. I built many websites with different features and difficulties. Real working environments drive many challenges. However, with passion, I can overcome these challenges.

In 2017, 2018, and 2019 I was selected as the winner for Malaysian Website Awards (MWA). It is one of the achievements that I have never imagined before. Developing a website sharpened my problem solving, critical thinking, self and time management skills. This recognition pushed me forward to enhance my expertise.

After a few years throughout my career, now I’ve been appointed as the head of IT, Research and Development in my company. A position that comes with higher responsibility and innovation. Now I’m focusing more on the bigger project, which is the resume and digital profile generator system that allows users to create their resume and digital profiles without needing to know coding and programming for free. With this, everyone has the same opportunity to showcase their own capabilities and build their online presence.

Meanwhile, I am also active as a panel for mock interviews for educational programs in the schools. I’ve interviewed thousands of students in Malaysia and provided them with personal feedback to improve their communication skills during interviews.

Last but not least, I believe with my continuous effort my creation will ultimately benefit bigger community in the future.

A scholar once said:
“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.” Dean Kamen.

My journey is yet to end. I will continue to strive and move forward in order to achieve my goals and give more impact to my own community.