“All the world’s a stage.” 

~ William Shakespeare ~

Through emotions, physical behaviour, and the story setting presented on stage, theatre offers viewers the ability to learn more about themselves. 

Whether it’s personal growth, the relatedness of certain characters, or other elements in the theatre, the live performance on the stage has the potential to resonate with the audience – YOU – in some aspects to find yourself.


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“It is about how you’re living your life – YOU need to make the decision to make this work for you – if you don’t have the chance to live any other life. ”

According to this Luminato article, there are three reasons why we need theatre. With a little bit of our interpretation and research, we have these 3 common reasons why theatre will never get old in today’s world and continue to thrive in the future.

#1 Theatre fosters closer connections in our society.

Live theatre encourages social interaction, conversation, and potential societal change. 

In this age of digital technology and smartphone-held era, theatre helps to call out the self-reflection among the community and gather them to listen to each other’s different perspectives and viewpoints on a certain topic. 

“It’s like a sporting event of the heart – where you’re gathered in a space, often shoulder to shoulder, breathing the same air, experiencing the same sensory input, and letting your thoughts and emotions go on an unpredictable ride together.”

~ Janelle Snow, the instructor of Acting Studio Chicago ~

While you are experiencing the live theatre show, other than connecting to the performers on the stage, you are also connecting to the theatre attendees in the room. This is why we have school plays or teamwork-needed social causes.

#2 Theatre helps us to find ourselves.

Seeing the theatre performance unfolding in front of our eyes, we will start to learn to perceive things from a different perspective. Humanity, psychology, motives, conflict, and resolution are all displayed. 

The audiences get to see how other people’s lives have progressed. We put ourselves in intellectual and emotional circumstances as artists that may never occur in our everyday lives. 

Theatre encourages us to speak truth to power, to take chances, and to support fresh, different viewpoints.

“We must all do theatre, to find out who we are, and to discover who we would become.” 

– Augusto Boal, creator of the Theatre of the Oppressed

#3 Theatre is a one-of-a-kind experience for both performers and attendees.

Theatre participants gain knowledge beyond merely how to perform on stage. 

Since they must promote themselves to potential employers, they also need to understand marketing tactics. Theatre-related skills are often transferable to other fields as well.

According to studies, students who take part in theatre activities perform better academically.

As for attendees, theatre performances represent what is going on in society. A study of mankind and its nature will endure the test of time since people will nearly always be the same; selfishness and love will always exist. 

The entire family may take pleasure in theatre as a kind of entertainment. 

Theatre is live, always changing, and unique. Despite the fact that the script could be the same every night, the performance is different every time it takes place. Never are any two performances the same. Everyone participating receives a distinctive and one-of-a-kind experience as a result, which cannot be duplicated.

The “Finding Yourself” Live Theatre Show You Need to Watch in November at a Historical Hall


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The _ Life of Jane(s)

Venue: Panggung DBKL 

Date: Nov 26, 7 pm

You are invited to experience the FIRST-EVER LIVE theatrical show to uncover, unfold, and unmask your true self! 

Have you found out the truth about yourself? Your true self, not the one you’re fronting…

The _ Life of Jane(s) lures the audience into a different reality and speaks the hidden truth close to everyone’s heart. 

This is a story about Jane, an idealistic 20-something, who undergoes a MAJOR failure in her life, causing her to explore different DIMENSIONS in her journey to make the most of her current reality…

This live theatre performance is the result of a collaborative and communicative effort involving co-directors, an executive producer, a creative director, a production team, a music supervisor and performers.  


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Performed at the historical theatre hall, Panggung DBKL, on 26 November, 7 pm, the show will be transcended in front of your eyes and transform what you have in your mind.

Plus, you’ll also have the chance to participate in Rapid Mingle, Wall of Fame, Red Carpet Interviews, Networking Lounge, and Awards Ceremony!

More info is here